Brow Tinting or Henna Tinting? What’s Best for You?

Do you have sparse to nonexistent brow hair? If your brow hair is too light but you still want it to look natural, have you considered colouring it? Or do you prefer to avoid doing your brows while yet appearing to have professional makeup applied? The latest eyebrow beauty trend to help you get the brows of your dreams is brow tinting and henna tinting. Bolder eyebrows are taking center stage.

Every woman aspires to have the ideal brow form and color, and selecting the right brow treatment will require some thought because we are all hoping for the greatest outcome. What you should know about brows if you’re not sure which one to pick is between Brow Tinting and Henna Tinting.

The Process of Brow Tinting

Your brows are instantly stained by brow tinting. As the fine, light hair darkens, it gives your brows a fuller appearance. resulting in thicker, more pronounced eyebrow hair. Typically, tinting comes to mind while getting your brows or eyelashes coloured. Vegetable pigment and a peroxide activator are used to create eyebrow tint which might not be quite safe to use on the skin and close to the eyes. The colour of the hair lasts for around two to three weeks. The majority of the time, tinting lashes creates the appearance of them being longer, thicker, and darker. This is also a great choice if you don’t wear much makeup and want to give your brows just a hint of colour without going overboard.

The best option for you if you lead a busy life and want a quick and non-committal brow treatment is brow tinting. It is advantageous if you only wanted to colour your brow hair and didn’t have much time to spend at the salon. In addition, this approach is pocket friendly.

The Process of Henna Tinting

Henna tinting is a relatively new service in the market, but demand is increasing swiftly. This is done to visually fill up any empty spaces by casting a shadow or giving the appearance of depth and fullness.

Eyebrow Henna Tinting is appropriate for people with slightly sparse brows since it not only colours the brows but also the skin behind the brow to give the appearance of filled-in powder. Additionally, it lasts longer than a typical eyebrow tint. The henna hue can last in your hair and on your skin for up to six weeks, and it gives your brows a fuller appearance.

Henna does not require any kind of peroxide to activate. Ammonia, lead, and peroxide are not present in brow henna, therefore less hazardous elements are naturally absorbed by the body. The state-of-the-art formula encourages hair strength and brow renewal. Henna is actually activated by mixing it with distilled water, which brings out the natural plant colours. Henna lasts longer on the brows than tinting since it penetrates the follicle and colours the flesh. For one to two weeks, it taints the skin, and for six to eight weeks, it taints the hair on the eyebrows. As a consequence, the brows look fuller and more structured!

In conclusion, 

  • Eyebrow henna tint is created entirely from ingredients obtained from plants. It differs from body/skin henna.
  • Henna brows give you a more defined appearance, and the skin stain lasts up to a week while the brow colour lasts up to six weeks. Because it largely relies on your skin type and hair colour, henna eyebrow colour is not for everyone.
  • For more durable colour, brunettes with oily skin may prefer brow henna.
  • Women with parched skin, cooler hair colours, and ashy blondes may prefer ordinary brow tint over henna brow colour because the latter might make your brow colour look excessively warm or leave dark patches on your skin. 
  • Both standard brow tint and henna brow colour would look good on women with combination, normal/dry skin types, redheads, and warm blondes.

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