An Easy Guide To Creating a Spotify Clone Using ReactJS 

People love Spotify for what it is, but like any other technology, there is always room for improvement. For those who are new to this market, Spotify is a music application where you can listen to your favorite music. This app has an inbuilt music player that helps users pause/play, repeat, and adjust the music volume.   

Today, businesses are looking for ways to build a Spotify Clone using ReactJS web app development and get all the required data from the official Spotify Web API. Therefore, in this blog, we have curated a list of top concepts of React and how it helps implement Spotify Authentication, React Context API, and more.   

So, without any further ado, let’s get started!  

In this project, developers can implement the following features:  

  • Login with the Spotify button  
  • Searchfield to find songs and artists  
  • Spotify music player (Spotify Premium required)  
  • Display lyrics for songs   
  • How to create a React app?  
  • The first step is to make a new folder named amazon-clone and open it.   
  • Right-click and select “Open With Code”  
  • Now, you will see the Code Editor – Visual Studio Code or Atom depending on your needs and preferences.   
  • If you choose Visual Studio Code, Press Ctrl + J (on Windows) and Command + J (on Mac). You will see a terminal window at the bottom.  
  • Now that you’re in the terminal, install and set up React app.   
  • Installing Reactjs services can be a challenging task if you lack tech knowledge, but Facebook made a script that installs and setup React manually with less to zero coding knowledge. To use this script, type “npx create-react-app,” and press Enter. It will take some time for the script to run.  
  • The .npx is a part of npm (Node Package Manager) except npx runs a remote script instead of installing it locally.   
  • It helps you install the latest version of React.  
  • Create-react-app is the name of the remote script and “.” symbolizes that you want to make a React project in the same folder instead of creating a new folder. To make a new folder name, provide the name of the folder instead of “.” and you are good to go.  
  • If you see “Happy Hacking” on your terminal. You are ready to get started now.   

Set up the Firebase  

To prepare your hosting before getting started, use Firebase. Type “” and log into your Google account. Once you’ve entered the Firebase console, follow these steps:  

  • Click on “Add Project”  
  • Give your project a name  
  • Enable Google Analytics  
  • Click on continue and you are ready to go  

Set up Spotify Web API  

  • Go to Spotify Developer Dashboard and press login to create a Spotify account  
  • You will get redirected to the Dashboard, then press “Create an App” to generate Shopify API credentials  
  • Give your app a name and agree to the Terms & Services before clicking on “Create.”  
  • Copy the Client ID and click on the Edit Settings button and hit “Save.”  

Workout the Login page  

  • Make a file named Login.js in the src folder.   
  • Use rfce snippet from ES7 Snippets to create the component.   
  • Change the <div> to have a className “login”   
  • Make a Login.css file and import it into your component  
  • Choose a Spotify logo that fits your background  
  • Work on Spotify Configuration File  
  • Make a new file called spotify.js and run through the code  
  • Now, if you try to Login with Spotify, you will get redirected to Spotify asking for login and request authorization  
  • Once you are in the Spotify Clone, check for the Access Token to authenticate users.  

Using the Spotify Web API  

  • Spotify Web API helps collect all the details required by Spotify  
  • To use it, install a package to make a Player component  

Creating the Player  

  • Workout with the Sidebar to install Material UI icons   
  • Open SidebarOptions.js to set up the component  
  • Our Header and Footer Component is ready!  


You have successfully completed the Spotify Clone, but you don’t have to stop here. Keep making new things. Our ReactJS development company can help you get the best mobile app solutions that suit your brand and boost business excellence.   

Get in touch with our professionals.  

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