What Is The Best Leads Extractor For Google Maps Leads?

As there’s a lot to get information on Google Maps about a specific business in a city, it is very hard to find, collect and download data in the form of JSON or CSV files, or excel spreadsheets. In this article, you can learn the best Google Maps Scraper to help you scrape and download data from Google Maps without any coding skills.

What Is The Leads Extractor To Get B2B Leads From Google Maps?

Google Map Extractor is a powerful Google Maps Extractor software to extract data from Google Maps without any technical knowledge or skills. Everyone can scrape Google Maps data by using it without any coding. It provides auto-detection and preset templates to help you get data from any Google Maps company profile and search results within a few clicks. Advanced features like API, IP rotation, scheduled tasks, and others can also be found in Google Maps Listings Scraper. Download and install Google Maps Lead Extractor on your laptop/pc and follow the easy steps below to have a free trial before buying, or watch the video guide to help you understand better.

Step 1:

Launch the Google Maps Contact Extractor on your computer, and copy the business listing URL you want to scrape from Google Maps. Then, paste it to the search bar of Google Maps Email Extractor and click on the Search button to begin auto-detecting.

You can also use the Google Maps template displayed on the main panel. Click it to preview the data sample and enter the information it asks for, you can get a similar data list from Google Maps directly.

Step 2:

The Google Maps Crawler has the ability to find data from Google Maps by name, zip code, and address also. In other words, you can get data for any country in the world from Google Maps by using this Google Maps Business Extractor tool. You can make changes by adding a pagination loop, adjusting the scrolling time and limit, and others in the Google Maps lead generation tool.

Step 3:

Before exporting data from Google Maps to Excel or CSV file, click on the preview button and view your extracted data on the software screen. After that, click on the Run button to start running the task to scrape data from Google Maps. Finally, click on the download button and get your data from Google Maps in Excel files.

What Data Can I Scrape With Google Map Extractor Software?

You can scrape and get a lot of data from a Google Maps business profile by using this Google Maps Leads Extractor software. Some of them are listed below.

Business Name

Business Address

Business Description

Phone Number

Email Address

Longitude and Latitude

State and Postal code

Business Location or map coordinates

Opening hours

Website Link

Rating and Reviews

Staff, connections, and much more

Final Thoughts:

So what are you waiting for? Just download Google Maps Extractor free and scrape Google Maps to get b2b leads for your business and marketing campaigns. You can scrape business emails and phone numbers easily with this Google Maps Data Scraper. You can improve your business strategies and boost b2b sales by using this Google Map extractor software.

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