Important Salesforce Job Roles And Salesforce Certification

The demand for skilled Salesforce experts has increased in the marketplace, and it will stay the same in the coming years. As the Salesforce ecosystem acts as an invaluable solution for marketing departments, and a useful automation tool for the sales department. In 2018, due to its huge popularity, the International Data Corporation awarded Salesforce as the No1 CRM platform for businesses.


Salesforce delivers different services through the internet and acts as a cloud computing software and has specialized particularly in Customer Relationship Management. In other words, Salesforce has become the most popular integrated CRM platform that offers businesses a simple and shared view of the customer. Therefore, this implies that the demand for Salesforce professionals will also rise with time. So this is the best time for you to start your salesforce course online and become a Salesforce professional. Therefore by using the Salesforce ecosystem effectively businesses can easily optimize their operations.

Why Skilled Salesforce Professionals are in Demand?

To understand why organizations require cloud computing, automation tools, and better CRM software, you must first understand the entire business ecosystem. Nowadays, most large-scale enterprises rely on Salesforce for real-time reporting, communication within departments, and enhanced ERP. Moreover, recently IDC posted that in the coming years nearly 2 million jobs will require Salesforce skills. Therefore, the Salesforce career has become a promising and bright career for young aspirants. Thus unlike other technologies, Salesforce technology will be the most beneficial for you as it will boost your career to new heights. In addition, many business organizations and large-scale enterprises use the Salesforce ecosystem to make their business profitable.

Important Salesforce Job Roles:

After completing your Salesforce certification, you can become a Salesforce professional and can choose from different job roles as per your qualifications and skills. Let us have a closer look at the most in-demand Salesforce Job Roles:

  • Salesforce Architect- As a Salesforce Architect, you are required to build and design solutions for different Salesforce platforms. They create and organize Salesforce data flow and the structure to meet the business requirements.
  • Salesforce Developer- They provide solutions for different business needs and control the APIs’ adaptability.
  • Data Analyst- These experts analyze the data and provide critical ideas to improve the company and increase its revenue.
  • Salesforce Administrator- This job profession has become one of the most popular career opportunities for Salesforce-certified individuals. Moreover, the main tasks of a Salesforce Administrator include maintenance of the Salesforce system, communicating updates with other employees, and developing new apps in Salesforce.
  • Marketing Cloud Consultant- They mainly translate digital marketing needs within the Marketing Cloud.

Most Popular Salesforce Certifications in 2022:

Salesforce Certifications have become an industry-recognized certification course more than just a course. The individuals who want to make a career in this field can opt for Salesforce Certification Courses and advance their careers to new heights. Here is the list of some of the most popular certification courses available;

Salesforce Administrators:

The two primary levels of Salesforce Administrator Certification include Salesforce Certified Administrator and Salesforce Advanced Administrator. After completing this certification aspirants can manage the data, and users, and enhance the security. Moreover, it also maintains Sales and Service Cloud applications and creates dashboards, reports, and workflow.

Platform App Builder

This certification is ideal for students who wish to build custom applications for the Salesforce platform. It mainly covers tools like Process Builder, Approval Processes, Objects and Fields, and other features.

Salesforce Architect

Within a Salesforce ecosystem, Salesforce Architects are respected as team leaders and the most trusted advisors. The Salesforce Certified Technical Architect and Salesforce Certified Solutions Architect are two types of Salesforce Architect Certification.

You can even select other certifications such as Salesforce Consultant, Developer, Pardot, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Moreover, the salesforce certification cost has become very affordable now and you can easily choose a certification course of your choice and need. You don’t need to worry as after completing the course, your salary will become double what you paid for the certification cost.


To sum up, the importance of Salesforce Certification has increased rapidly in the market today. And to become more skilled and gain more experience, you must join a Salesforce Certification Course to help you understand the Salesforce framework and its various application. Therefore to expand any business you must have expert Salesforce professionals to support and scale the expansion.

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