Know the Pros and Cons of Purchasing an Inverter Air Conditioner

Want to purchase a split inverter air conditioner inverter for your household? If yes, you must know the pros and cons of buying one to make an informed decision.
Although a split air conditioner inverter stabilises the temperature within the room and provides comfort to the users like standard air conditioners, it has a few drawbacks. These disadvantages make them less efficient than traditional inverter air conditioners.

Before learning about the advantages and the drawbacks, let’s first understand the difference between regular ac and inverter air conditioners.

Difference Between Normal and Inverter Air Conditioners

While the air conditioners cool the living space, a significant factor that distinguishes the two is that the inverter air conditioners reduce the compressor motor’s speed when the room gets cold. On the other hand, the non-inverter air conditioners stop functioning once the room temperature reaches a specific temperature.

Another difference is that inverter air conditioners are eco-friendly. They are energy efficient and have a higher cooling capacity than the latter.

6 Pros of Purchasing an Inverter Air Conditioner For Your Household

Now let’s discuss the advantages that make buying inverter air conditioners worth the investment.

1. Consumes Less Power

Powering the AC off and on requires a lot of energy. Unlike the standard air conditioners, the inverter ACs don’t frequently switch off and on. Instead, it reduces the compressor’s speed. Hence you can save electricity with inverter air conditioners and cut down on the electricity bills.

2. Silent AC Units

These air conditioners are the perfect choice for those who hate the system making noise. This is because the motor of the inverter air conditioners runs slow, and hence they don’t generate unwanted noise like the traditional ACs.

3. Can Operate on Solar Panels

Many window air conditioners don’t work on solar panels. Fortunately, the inverter ACs can operate on the solar panel’s energy.

4. Ideal for Every Sized Room

These air conditions are suitable for both big and small rooms. In a big room, the energy consumption by the inverter ACs might be more than in small rooms. Yet, the overall energy consumption will be less than the traditional air conditioners.

5. Even Cooling

The room will get cool on all sides with the inverter air conditioners. So you won’t face uneven cooling problems like the traditional models.

6. Safe on Household Electricity Wiring

Overloading never happens in inverter air conditioners. Hence, it is safe to use for household electricity wiring.

4 Cons of Purchasing an Inverter Air Conditioner For Your Household

Let’s know the drawbacks of using an inverter air conditioner.

1. High Maintenance Cost

Since the inverter air conditioners have many features compared to the traditional ones, they are complex. So, it can be a bit costly to maintain these conditioners.

2. Limited Technicians

Although this is not a drawback for the system, you might face difficulty finding a technician. These inverters are made using high-quality materials and state-of-art technology, and hence skilled technicians are required to repair them.

3. Efficiency Can Reduce

The efficiency can decrease during extreme weather conditions (over 45 degrees Celsius) at noon.

4. High Installation Cost

As the inverter air conditioners are made using advanced technology, they have a high installation cost.

If you want to purchase a split inverter AC, you can get it from the online store of a reputed brand to get discounts on your purchase.

In a Nutshell

Although buying an inverter air conditioner has a few cons, the benefits outweigh them. So, if you want to buy a 1.5 ton split ac inverter or a size that suits your needs, do not delay. Know the specifications of the system from the manufacturer and place the order.

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