Five Most-Preferred Settings for Engagement Rings

When discussing jewellery, the term “setting” can refer to two distinct features of a ring’s style and design. The setting on an engagement ring explains how the gemstone is safely fastened to the band.

Learn The Different Types of Engagement Rings for Women Settings Here:

  1. Diamond Solitaire 

A lot of couples can’t even decide between two options. Even though some ring styles come and go, the stunning solitaire remains a go-to for gold engagement rings. It’s never simplistic or overt, no matter how understated or subtle.

Your platinum diamond engagement rings will be front and center in this setting. Thus it must be of high quality.

  1. Pave Settings 

Pave Moissanite Engagement Rings are the epitome of luxury, with a continuous sparkling surface created by diamonds set into the ring’s surface. Any gemstone would look beautiful in a pave gold engagement ring, but diamonds are the most popular choice. Gold or platinum beads hold the stones.

The gemstones dazzle more, and the setting’s metal is hidden in a pave setting, both of which are advantages. The end product is an eye-catching shimmering line.

  1. Three Stone Rings 

The three stones on a Bostonian ring, or a three-stone ring, are supposed to stand for your partnership’s past, present, and future.

Modern designs often have side stones almost the same size or indeed equal to the center stone, demonstrating the consistent and enduring nature of the love, in contrast to more conventional designs that show a massive diamond in the center surrounded by two smaller stones.

  1. Halo Rings –

In a halo ring, the center stone is surrounded and protected by a halo of smaller diamonds, making for a spectacular visual effect. This magnifies the overall design and provides a dramatic optical frame for the center diamond.

Since halo gold engagement rings highlight the diamonds’ inherent radiance and allure, cut quality is of the utmost importance in this setting. Diamonds of all shapes and sizes are in high demand, but princess cuts and rounds are the most common.

  1. Bezel Setting –

Rings with a bezel setting are famous for their contemporary aesthetic and practicality, but it doesn’t make them any less stunning. The bezel setting, the safest of all, features platinum diamond engagement rings set at the center and framed by a thin band of precious metal (usually gold, but sometimes platinum). This sophisticated mount safeguards the diamond and directs all eyes to the brilliant centrepiece.


Your intended style is important when selecting a moissanite engagement rings setting. Make sure to choose the best quality rings from the reputed brand. You can visit our website for more details on engagement rings for women. Follow us on Facebook.

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