canon mg3600 printer not responding

Arrangement 1: Drop All Printing Position
Ensure that every one of the links are appropriately, first of all, associated and that the printer is turned on. Presently move to the Control Board and pick View gadgets and printers. Presently ensure that the printer you’re attempting to utilize is set to be the default printer. On the off chance that this isn’t true, correct snap the printer and Select as default printer.

Once more right snap the printer and select Printer properties (note this choice is not quite the same as Properties).

Presently click the Ports tab and ensure that all ports are deselected. Click alright to apply any progressions you’ve made.

Click the printer symbol in the taskbar to see the quantity of positions in the line. Drop every one of them and afterward take a stab at printing again individually.

Arrangement 2: Print in Draft Mode
A few clients say that imprinting in draft mode (ordinary mode) is in some cases quicker than the (excellent mode.) However this diminishes the nature of goal.

For routine office use, the typical mode turns out great. Be that as it may, for formal reports, you would need the top notch prints all things being equal.

To print in draft mode

Open Printer properties as framed in the last arrangement.
You will track down either the Print Quality tab or Draft or Quick. Open whichever tab you can find.
Select Draft and presently select the checkbox that says Generally print with current settings.
Click alright.

Arrangement 3: Incapacitate Programmed Duplexing
Duplexing implies the printer will print on the two sides of the paper. This kind of printing requires some investment on the grounds that the printer turns the paper and afterward prints it on the rear. In any case, to work on the speed of printing then you should handicap programmed duplexing.

Yet again open Printer properties.
Click the Gadget Settings tab.
Presently uncheck the checkbox for Permit Manual Duplexing.
Click alright.
Kindly note, not all printer gadgets are outfitted with the auto-duplexing choice.

Arrangement 4: Eliminate Different Printers and Change USB Port
A few clients have revealed that by impairing different printers associated with the PC, they had the option to accelerate the printing. Likewise, there are reports that changing the USB port aides accelerate printing as well as get rid of any ‘printing position freeze’ issues also.

Explore to Control Board | Gadgets and Printers.
Select the printer you’re at present utilizing as the default one.
Presently eliminate any current printers that aren’t being used.
Open Printer properties | Ports tab and check assuming the right port is chosen.
On the off chance that it isn’t, select the right port and snap alright.
Additionally, guarantee that no positions are left in the line. In the event that they are, drop every one of them.

Arrangement 5: Actually take a look at Remote Association Issues
Ordinance printers frequently don’t function admirably assuming the transmission strength of the remote switch appended to them is poor. Ethernet associations are viewed as more impressive than Wi-Fi associations. Slow organization speed can turn out to be all in all an obstacle on the off chance that the printer is put a long way from the real position. To fix this:

Actually look at the strength of the switch.
Place the printer close to the switch and retry printing.
Associate an Ethernet string to the printer from the switch for better network.

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Arrangement 6: Utilize Authentic Ordinance Ink Cartridges
Most printers are modified to work just with certifiable cartridges. They will quit printing/print inappropriately on the off chance that the client attempts to utilize a bad quality/counterfeit ink cartridge. The real ink cartridges contain a code that checks their similarity. Assuming your printer has quit printing, check in the event that the cartridge you’re utilizing is unique. You can get the first ones from approved Standard shops or from its web based business store.

Arrangement 7: Is the Peaceful Mode Turned On?
In the Calm Mode, the printer prints gradually so as not to make any commotion. The arm of the printer moves a lot more slow than the typical mode and hence it dials back the printing speed. To make it quicker once more:

Open Printer properties.
Go to Upkeep and select Calm Mode.
Select Don’t utilize calm mode works. You can likewise select to set your ideal time period between which Calm Mode will consequently be turned on.
Click Send.
You will get an affirmation message in no time flat. Simply click alright and you are finished.

Arrangement 8: Reinstall Printer Driver or Update it
Now and again the real offender is either an obsolete printer driver or a blunder in the at present introduced driver is causing all the wreck. So you ought to just reinstall the driver.

Open Control Board and select View gadgets and printers.
Presently right-click the printer and select Eliminate gadget.
Reboot your PC. When it boots up to the work area, it will appear a warning for another equipment and introduce the driver for it.
In the event that this doesn’t occur, you can just go to Control Board | Gadgets and Printers and snap on Add a gadget from the top bar.
Windows will presently start a wizard to introduce the printer’s driver.

Arrangement 9: Is the Link Defective?
There might be a defective link that is causing these issues (on the off chance that it isn’t remote.) If so without a doubt, supplant the link.

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