Innovative ideas for a nautical-style bathroom

Does your bathroom need a little freshening up? Have you been waiting a long time and finally decided to revamp its traditional look for a trendy and refreshing style? Dare to give it a nautical decor!

Many will say that the nautical decorations are to the chalet, but in my opinion, it doesn’t matter the style, as long as you feel zen, that’s the important thing. Nautical decors bring out a relaxing and laid-back vibe. In this article, Prashmi Interio has described some inspiring ideas for the decor of your future relaxing bathroom!

Shower room with panelling

In addition to being very trendy, wood blends wonderfully into any style of decor and adds value to the room. In a nautical-style decor, we want to find wood to recall nature. So the idea is to cover a wall with panelling as the majority of nautical-style bathrooms have walls covered in wood!

Combine nautical & modern

Are you sold on modern, but are still attracted to the beachside style? It is indeed possible to find the ideal layout that combines both modern and beach-side styles. 

You could keep the shapes modern by arranging them with colours and materials reminiscent of the beachside style! A few rattan accessories, candles and relaxing decorations could complete the whole thing.

Coastal style decoration: do you like decorative projects to do yourself (DIY as they are called)? You could easily recreate a mirror. A few well-sanitised and bleached branches would make a nice rustic mirror that would fit well in a beach-style bathroom or nautical decor!

Craft patterns: floor or ceiling

Do you know the mandalas? These are abstract forms that serve as meditative support. This is why they are often found in nautical decor, as patterns on sheets, rugs, cushions, comforters, etc. More and more, they are found printed on ceramic tiles and tapestries. They often take the form of flowery patterns. 

Favourite for sink: wood & concrete

The perfect meeting between industrial and nature. We find this kind of vanity (and sink), in concrete and wood, in combined styles such as modern and rustic, modern and industrial or even industrial and rustic. Depending on the accessories with which we combine the nautical decor of the bathroom, we can create something very relaxing and zen!

Nautical decor: a bathroom in white

The famous white bathroom. Whether for a modern, rustic, Victorian, nautical or traditional style bathroom, white ensure a serene and relaxing atmosphere. To appropriate white in a nautical style, wainscoting, natural light, vintage light bulbs, old worn and nautical accessories as well as decorations reminiscent of the ocean are prioritised.

Bring out the aquatic side 

Blue is a colour of choice in a room like a bathroom since it makes it possible to recall and highlight a key element: water. Choose it in pastel tones for a soft and discreet style or darker for a highlighted and remarkable decoration

A sink area underlined by very graphic tiles

Like a splashback in a kitchen that protects the walls and highlights the worktop, the cement tile can be placed in the same way above the sink to protect the walls from splashes, while enhancing the basin and the space available around it.

Space-saving and functional furniture

In a boat, space is reduced and optimised. To do the same in his bathroom, choose multifunctional furniture and reduced size. The bathrooms are generally not very big. Space-saving furniture is therefore recommended for this type of small room. You need to be able to move around easily while quickly finding your favourite beauty products.


The grating in the navy is a lattice of wood or metal serving as a floor. Choose a wooden grating and put it in front of the shower or the bathtub. This very easily replaces the bath mat and brings a more raw side to your bathroom. Also, think about grating bathroom accessories such as a soap dish for example.

Brass or chrome fixtures

To find the atmosphere of a boat cabin, get brass or chrome lights, you will find them in table lamps but also in wall or ceiling lights. Choose a light that is soft enough for cocooning moments. However, make sure you have enough lighting to be able to put on makeup and get ready in the morning.

Porthole shaped mirrors

To perfect the marine world of your bathroom, don’t forget the porthole-shaped mirror, often made of brass. You will find them quite easily in marine object shops or flea markets.

The style of the bathroom can also be changed in a sober way with a few distinctive details which you can check here:

  • A lush plant, a colourful rug and unexpected glazing make the bathroom look great.
  • A simple shelf across the tub provides an ideal perch for a fresh flower, scented candle, or glass of wine when it’s time to relax.
  • While a dresser is usually found in a dining room, this one comes to life in a bathroom as a storage centre for towels and other accessories.
  • Frame a shower stall with a double curtain. The pair of blue curtains add colour to the room while preventing water from getting on the floor.
  • Changing a mirror transforms a room. If you have a regular mirror, go for a little more glamour.
  • Instead of laying tiles in straight rows, mix up the orientation of the tiles.
  • Display your favourite bath salts by putting them in decorative clear bottles. These will remind you that you have to take a good relaxing bath.
  • Installing the faucet on the wall gives the bathroom a more streamlined look. This also makes it easier to clean the bottom of the basin, without the tap buttons getting in the way.

The bathroom is one of the centrepieces of our home. It doesn’t matter if it’s a shower, a bathtub, a washbasin, a colour or a style for your bathroom, everything needs a change or refreshment with time and must be well chosen before being purchased. 

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