The 10 Indian bridal makeup trends for 2022

Immediately throw aside any preconceived notions you may have about the stereotypical Indian bride. You cannot bind the modern Indian bride with your preconceived ideas: A bridal’s preferences are determined by her personality rather than customs because she is well-traveled, futuristic, and global in her perspective. This also applies to her appearance on her big day. Since the traditional liner and red-lip recipe, Indian bridal makeup trends have undergone significant alteration. Witnessing the shift has been lovely.  Don’t simply follow trends in order to join a bandwagon. Recognize your strengths and keep to them.

NOIR believes that your bridal makeup should simply highlight your beauty rather than alter how you naturally appear. Being authentic is crucial. Avoid becoming so caked up that you become unrecognizable in the end, the artists at NOIR advise.

Here are some of our favorite makeup suggestions for Indian brides.

1. Simplicity and Elegance

This style is ideal for brides who prefer to keep things simple on their wedding day with only a thin line of eyeliner, one layer of mascara, defined pinkish nude lips, and light dewy makeup. Alia Bhatt really stunned everyone with her simplicity and looked attractive and graceful at the same time when accessorized with dazzling Sabyasachi Jewellery.

Bridal Makeup Trends – Simplicity and Elegance

2. Radiant Base and Winged Eyeliner

We adore the decision to go with a straightforward winged eyeliner and instead accentuate this one of the Indian bridal makeup trends with a red lip and a highlighted base to produce a stunning wedding day look. It just results in an easygoing flair to not overdo things.

Bridal Makeup Trends – Radiant Base and Winged Eyeliner

3. Resplendent Makeup Look

While the high cheekbones appear with a splash of blush and highlight steal the show, the thick eyeliner masterfully unifies the entire look. The radiant base shines in the sunlight which would be a fantastic choice for a mehndi function.

Bridal Makeup Trends - Resplendent Makeup Look
Bridal Makeup Trends – Resplendent Makeup Look

4. Bridal Makeup Infused with Pastel Poise

It is impressive to see how you can play with your make-up look with a monotonous hue in the entire outfit, providing a stunning example of a monochrome bridal look. 

Bridal Makeup Trends - Bridal Makeup Infused With Pastel Poise
Bridal Makeup Trends – Bridal Makeup Infused With Pastel Poise

5. The Poised Au-Naturale Effect

When Anushka & Virat shocked us with their ecstatic wedding photos in 2017, the former’s pale pink outfit stood out the most. This became one of the Indian wedding makeup trends and pastel wedding look exploded after Sharma’s appearance, with many couples choosing the color for their own special day. The natural makeup also attracted notice in addition to the lehenga. (Anushka bride)

Bridal Makeup Trends – The Poised Au-Naturale Effect

6. Cut-Crease Eyes on a Romantic Palette

Just look at how stunning would be a look with those shimmery bold eyes.  The satin nude lippy, salmon cheeks, and cut-crease glitter eyes are expertly paired with the HD bridal makeup base.

Bridal Makeup Trends – Shimmery eyes & nude lips

7. Smooth Base with Mauve Eyes

 The lovely mauve smokey eyes are well complemented with gorgeous lashes and a flawless foundation base. To add the traditional hint of red, you must opt for a crimson bindi on the forehead to create a gorgeous harmony of colors. 

Bridal Makeup Trends – Smooth Base with Mauve Eyes

8. Dramatic Lids with a No-Makeup Look

A daytime traditional ceremony naturally calls for a simple outfit that looks beautiful in the sun. Simply gorgeous is soft shadows on the lids and neutral colours on the cheeks and lips.

Bridal Makeup Trends - No-Makeup Look
Bridal Makeup Trends – No-Makeup Look

9. Pink lips and lush lashes

We adore using a neutral, organic color scheme for an Indian Christian wedding celebration. For the bride’s outdoor ceremony, the emphasized eyes complement the baby pink lips and the sheer base makeup.

Bridal Makeup Trends – Pink lips and lush lashes

10. Dramatic Colored Eyes Makeup Look

This type of make-up look gives drama and flair with a dramatic colored eye shadow, which also goes well with the outfit. We adore the way some brides choose rosy cheeks and sheer lips to subtly counterbalance the glam of their eye makeup.

Bridal Makeup Trends – Dramatic Colored Eyes Makeup Look

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