Why Wholesale Poly Bags Just Make Sense (And Where You Can Get Them)

Those in production and packaging have their choice when it comes to what materials to use to package their goods. Paper and recycled paper packaging, fabrics, both synthetic and natural, and a wide range of plastics are popular. 

Among them is PE, or polyethylene, which is commonly encountered in one of three forms: high-density polyethylene (HDPE), low-density polyethylene (LDPE), and linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE). 

There is a wide range of benefits to packaging many types of goods with bags made of these materials. Let’s take a look at some of those advantages surrounding wholesale poly bags.

Advantages of Using Wholesale Poly Bags 

● Poly is leakproof
Poly allows neither moisture nor moisture vapor to pass through its membrane, which protects both what you have packaged as well as the environment. Wet environments will not imperil poly-packaged goods, but neither will leaking packaged products become a problem. 

● Available in a wide range of thicknesses and clarity ratings
Wholesale poly bags are manufactured in a wide range of sizes, thicknesses, and clarity ratings. There are both thin poly bags that are suitable for small and light packaged goods, and thick, puncture, and tear-resistant poly bags that are suitable for larger, coarser, and heavier materials. Poly bags can also be custom-printed, making them suitable for advertising purposes.  

● It is affordable 
One of the great things about PE is its affordability. It is cost-effective to buy both new or recycled poly packaging materials.

● PE is lightweight 
LDPE and LLDPE bags are light as a feather. Even packages made of more rigid HDPE, like milk jugs, are very lightweight. This also reduces the costs associated with shipping these materials. 

● Some grades of 100% virgin PE are FDA and USDA-approved for direct food contact. 
Unlike some other synthetics, certain grades of 100% virgin PE bags are FDA and USDA-approved for direct food contact, making them ideal for those in the food service industry. 

● PE is strong 
All grades of PE are puncture and tear-resistant, and LDPE and LLDPE have great resistance to stretching and tearing. In many cases, they will stretch without yielding. For this reason, many garbage bags and shopping bags are made from PE as well. 

● …Yet flexible 
Despite being strong, PE is flexible, and LDPE and LLDPE remain flexible even at low temperatures. Consequently, quality bags made of PE have a wide range of uses in many industries. 

● It is also recyclable and environmentally friendly 
Finally, all grades of PE can be recycled and release no toxic chemicals into the environment as they break down – making them the more sustainable choice. 

Where Can You Get Quality Wholesale Poly Bags at Great Prices
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