Roof cleaner in Waipakarau

The Moss Crew has a comprehensive range of high-pressure water and abrasive cleaning services for all kinds of industrial applications.

Our industrial Roof cleaner in Waipakarau cleaning service removes dirt, scale, and other unwanted materials from surfaces and structures. The Moss Crew’s high-pressure water cleaning equipment can be used for a variety of locations, including sewerage, drains, tanks, marine vessels, bridges, buildings, manufacturing plant facilities, and other amenities.

Our team of roof cleaning experts will come to your home or place of business and perform a thorough roof cleaning job using the soft wash or (non) low-pressure methods of cleaning which greatly extends the regular cleaning intervals by up to 3x that of regular pressure washing.

Contact Information:

3 Nicholson Street, Mayfair, Hastings 4122

Phone: 022 626 3321 / (06) 835 3677

Email: [email protected]

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