7 Effective Steps for a Healthier Heart! 

Did you know that your heart pumps 2,000 liters of blood throughout your body each day at an average rate of 100,000 beats each day?  

The workhorse of your body is undoubtedly your heart. If you are struggling with any heart issues, Dr. Vinoth Kumar cardiologist Chanda Nagar is one of the best doctors in the city.   

The question is, what are the ways through which you can improve your heart health?  

So, there are seven lifestyle changes through which one can improve his/her heart health:  

Manage Your Blood Pressure  

A crucial risk factor for heart disease and stroke is high blood pressure. When your blood pressure, or the force of blood flowing through your blood vessels, is continuously too high, you have high blood pressure, sometimes referred to as hypertension. You put less stress on your heart, arteries, and kidneys when your blood pressure remains within healthy ranges, which keeps you healthier for longer.  

Maintain Your Blood Sugar Level  

Our bodies convert the majority of the food we eat into glucose, which is used as energy. Your heart, kidneys, eyes, and nerves can all suffer damage from high blood sugar levels over time. The stomach and digestive system convert the sugars and carbs in food and drink into glucose. The pancreas develops insulin hormone, which aids in lowering blood sugar levels by assisting the cells in absorbing glucose from the blood. The bloodstream can then receive glucose.  

Eat Healthy  

One of your finest tools for combating heart disease is a balanced diet. A heart-healthy diet increases your chances of feeling well and remaining healthy for the rest of your life. If you are exploring for the best cardiologist near me, look no further than Dr. Vinoth’s Heart Centre.   

Control Your Cholesterol  

Cholesterol is a waxy material. It isn’t necessarily “bad.” Your body actually needs it to create new cells. But having too much cholesterol is harmful for your body.  

There are two sources of cholesterol. All the required cholesterol is produced in your liver. The remaining cholesterol in your body is obtained from foods with animal byproducts.  

Lose Weight  

You lessen the strain on your heart, lungs, blood vessels, and skeleton when you maintain a healthy weight. By leading an active lifestyle, you help yourself feel better and lower your blood pressure.  

Remain Active  

Adults should do 75 minutes of strenuous exercise, 150 minutes of moderate exercise, or a combination of both throughout the week. Every day’s physical activity required for children and teenagers should do at least 60 minutes.  

Tips on how to become more active:  

Be resilient: At least twice a week, engage in muscle-building activity.  

Include Intensity: Add more time, distance, amount, or effort for greater rewards.  

Less sitting: Move more frequently throughout the day.  

Avoid Smoking  

Cardiovascular disease is more likely to develop among cigarette smokers. The ideal thing you can do for your fitness is to stop smoking. Understanding the hazards and impacts of using tobacco on your family’s health is the first step in quitting smoking, vaping, and using tobacco. If you want more information about your heart health or suffering from any issue, feel free to get in touch with Dr. Vinoth Kumar cardiologist  

Therefore, these are a few health tips and tricks through which you can make your heart and complete body healthy.   

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