7 Quality Features to Look for in the Descriptions of Quality School Name Labels

One of the top searches in Google associated with school name labels is “how do you label for school?”One of the top searches in Google associated with school name labels is “how do you label for school?”

The answer is quite straightforward: with a school name label, of course!

Just be sure you start with quality so you don’t end up frustrated with peeling, fading, flaking labels down the line.

Look for labels that have the following attributes, where applicable. 

● Waterproof (and weatherproof, or at least weather-resistant)
Depending on what you’re labeling (for instance, clothing or backpacks), that label might be outdoors a good chunk of the day. 

That means it could be exposed to rain and snow from time to time, as well as bright sun. Weatherproof and weather-resistant labels last longer! 

But waterproof name labels are better. Spills and errant splashes are bound to happen at school and play, and labels with waterproof tendencies and quality adhesives will stay put and last longer.

● Dishwasher-safe
When you label plastic containers, water bottles, and other drinkware, you’ll want the peace of mind that you can run them through the dishwasher from time to time. 

Some school name labels can be run through the dishwasher, although some special observations are recommended, such as placing them on the top rack and not exposing them to bleach or strong detergents. 

● Laundry-safe 
Laundry-safe school name labels are a must for any labels destined for clothing. Gloves, hats, school uniforms, shorts, and even jackets get dirty and if you can’t run them through the washer and dryer, that’s extra work for you. 

You also don’t need a permanent label for this – there are even some stick-on-clothing labels that are both washer and dryer-safe. 

● Tear-Resistant 
Kids’ labels for school need to be tough enough for both class, recess, and the random forays of early childhood. Labels made from thin or low-quality material won’t last long. 

Many paper labels are also a no-go. You need something made from a tougher, thicker yet flexible material that will resist tearing, scratching, and more.

● Microwave-safe
Labeling containers destined to carry food or drink to camp or school? You won’t have to think twice about reheating them later if you need to as long as they’re microwave-safe – just an extra nice feature to have! 

● Fridge and freezer-safe
Lunch boxes and similar school items sometimes find themselves in the fridge or freezer at the end of the day or week (or beforehand). Fridge and freezer safe kids’ name labels that won’t get stiff and fall off will last longer and keep everything organized. 

● Compatibility with a wide range of surfaces
Finally, look for kids’ school name labels that work for you and are compatible with a wide range of materials, such as glass, metal, plastic, and even paper and cardboard. The more different school supplies you can label with a single type of sticking label, the better! 

Where Are the Best School Name Labels?
We recommend Sticky Monkey Labels (StickyMonkeyLabels.com). Founded by a mom of three boys with a strong work ethic and a passion for business and technology, Sticky Monkey Labels’ kids’ labels for school are custom-made and printed to order – and all of them exhibit the sort of quality that a mom trusts – and so can you. 

They offer a wide range of school name labels in different sizes, shapes, colors, and themes, as well as clothing labels (both peel-n-stix and iron-on labels), in addition to bottle daycare labels and much more. Plus, if you sign up for their newsletter you can get 10% off your first order! 

Get more familiar with their online catalog via the link above or get in touch with them at 1-888-780-7734 if you have any questions.

For more information about Iron On Name Labels For Clothing and Iron On Name Labels Please visit: Sticky Monkey Labels.

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