10 Cool Airsoft Accessories Under $30 (They Make Great Airsoft Gifts!)

Looking for some cool but useful airsoft accessories that won’t break the bank, either for you or for a friend that plays airsoft? 

All of the following are top sellers online at MiR Tactical (MiRTactical.com) and all are under $30!

1. Enola Gay EG67 Frag Training Grenade
Made entirely from paper pulp, this training grenade can deliver a spray of clay pellets, and the entire thing is biodegradable. It’s ideal, where permitted, for competitive airsoft events, and a heck of a lot of fun to use. 

2. Elite Force Slick Silicone Spray Oil
This made-in-the-USA, 100% silicone oil is perfect for airsoft gun cleaning and maintenance, and can be used as an effective lubricant for internal parts as well – and, at $10, it’s super affordable. A must-have for every airsoft player.

3. Airsoft Innovation Propane Adapter Kit 
This remarkable propane adapter allows you to use propane as a propellant in nearly any gas-powered airsoft gun. It’s easy to use, reusable, comes with a repair tip, and can reduce gas costs by up to 80%! 

4. ASG BB Loader 
At only $4.99, this ASG BB Loader, which holds 150 BBs, is a must-have airsoft accessory for nearly every player. It’s lightweight, practical, and takes up almost no space – not to mention that it won’t break the bank. 

5. M12 Sidewinder Airsoft Speed Loader Sound Dampener
This silicone sound-dampening buffer for M12 Sidewinder speed loaders seems ho-hum, but will substantially reduce the volume of loose BBs in your speed loaders, keeping your position incognito! 

6. Lancer Tactical 110-Round Speed Loader 
At only $7, this is one of the most affordable and practical speed loaders in the game. Reload your mags effortlessly and efficiently with this affordable, practical speed loader. 

7. King Arms 200-Round High Capacity BB Loader 
For only two more dollars, you can up your speed loader’s capacity by a factor of nearly two – making this one of the best-selling airsoft accessories available online at MiR Tactical.

8. Lancer Tactical Collapsible BB Storage Pouch
These lightweight, collapsible BB storage pouches from Lancer Tactical have an excellent capacity (3,000 rounds), are easy to carry, feature a quick-release buckle, and are made of tough, durable, nylon. The best part? Just collapse and stow when empty. Never run out of BBs during an airsoft event again! 

9. 95-Lumen Xenon Light with Integral Mount 
This Xenon WML is wildly practical, easy to use, and affordable. It features an integral rail mount and triple activation: either twist-on, push button, or remote pressure switch operation. It’s also fully adjustable from flood-to-spot focus.

Remember, what you can’t see, can sneak up on you – be prepared for all circumstances and conditions!

10. Tactical Thunder V (3-Pack, Dumbbell Type)
Designed to mimic the sound effects of a “flash bang” grenade, these reusable sound devices create a very loud, jarring “bang,” of 130db, allowing you to startle your opponents – either to make a surprise attack or to get away. 

Best of all, they use 12g CO2 cartridges and are lightweight and easy to use and carry – the perfect complement to an airsoft smoke grenade. 

Where Can I Get the Best Prices on These Airsoft Accessories?
Not only are all of these airsoft accessories for sale at MiR Tactical for under $30, but you’re also guaranteed to get the best price there as it is. Thanks to their price match guarantee, they offer the best prices on everything, and no airsoft coupon is required! 

They also carry a ton of other useful airsoft guns & accessories, including airsoft pistols, airsoft rifles, spare magazines, batteries, airsoft ammo, gas propellant, and tons of airsoft attachments and tactical gear. Check out their website for more information! 

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