Are You Getting What You Paid For When Purchasing a Temporary Fence?

If a permanent fence will be built on the land in the future, installing a temporary fence around a house or other structure could seem like a waste of time and money. However, according to Canadian Standards, all construction sites must have a temporary barrier, whether on private or public property.

You need a temporary fence whether you’re building a house, a building, or a pool, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Temporary fencing can be purchased in various ways, all of which will keep your property in compliance with regulations and cost less money.

Is buying or renting more affordable?

Your specific situation will determine whether renting or buying temporary fencing is more cost-effective. A rental is a fantastic option because it will have a minimal initial cost if you are an owner-operator working on a short-term project.

What choices do you have for temporary fencing?

Fortunately, Canada is home to many vendors who can match your demand for a sturdy, reasonably priced temporary fence. You can efficiently reduce your options and select the best form of temporary fence rental that best suits your needs and budget by requesting a reasonable quotation from us.

You can consider the following as some of the more economical choices:

  • Plastic fencing made of polypropylene
  • Panel wires steel trellis
  • Steel chain link fencing

For more security and seclusion, you might even think about installing a shade cloth or tamper-proof fence clamps. Ask our professionals for personalized suggestions and solutions when you speak with them next because they always have something fresh and original to provide.

Provisions related to Fence Renting whereas for Permanent Fencing

A building that will eventually need to be disposed of and destroyed can be rented rather than purchased, which could assist reduce the cost of a temporary fence. For as long as it is in place, renting temporary fencing will have a modest monthly expense. However, because you won’t have to think about these things, the money you spend might be more time and money-efficient.

  • Crossing the budget amount 

If you hire, you just pay for the panels you use and can easily increase or decrease the amount as necessary. Since you typically pay for temporary fences up front and may run out of panels or have extra panels that will go unused, you typically don’t have this option.

  • Upkeep and replacement

Your contracted contractor will repair and replace any damaged or destroyed temporary fences. You are paying a monthly charge that includes maintenance.

  • Cost of dumping and storing

If you own anything, you must either pay to have it removed after the temporary fences are taken down or hire storage space for it. As you hire temporary fences, you don’t have to bother about any of these expenditures or provisions.

  • Time component

If you hire experts, installing temporary fences can be speedy; you’ll have the fences up in no time. You have not only spare cash but also priceless time. Time is also a key factor when you need to take down the fences.

Why are momentary fences necessary?

Aside from the fact that it is required by law and that certain Canadian insurance companies also need temporary fences, installing them is the least expensive approach to guarantee security around your home.

  • When no construction workers are present, especially at night, they keep trespassers—both people and animals—from entering your site.
  • Kids won’t be able to play within your property without having an accident, for which you could be held responsible if the perimeter wasn’t fenced.
  • Around your property, hazardous items like reinforced bars, exposed nails, and other sharp things could harm trespassers.
  • Your property might include rubbish or hazardous materials, which the fence will contain.

Perks of purchasing a temporary fence 

  • Just a one-time fee; no more fees or charges of any kind.
  • More freedom with a barrier you can move, erect, take down and configure whatever you like.
  • You may set up and take down your temporary fencing at your convenience without dealing with delivery, on-hire, or off-hire problems.
  • Purchasing temporary fencing online only takes a few clicks, as opposed to hiring, which necessitates continuing budgeting, bills, and administrative work.
  • A capital purchase is usually advantageous for your company because fence panels are a depreciable asset and can result in tax savings.
  • Your fencing has paid for itself after a few jobs, giving you a fantastic return on your investment.

The advantages you enjoy for the fencing contractor Calgary services provided by Battlefield Supply Corporation outweigh the costs by a wide margin. We install temporary barriers at your building site. As a result, neither time nor money is ever wasted. Need some help? All of your fence needs will be met by our fencing specialists.

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