Food And Media Are Never A Healthy Combination – Tips For Healthy Eating

As a parent and caretaker of the family, you have a crucial responsibility to ensure the health of your family members. Why media free food sessions are insisted for anyone is an important topic you must first reflect upon and implement the lessons for your family.

Media like TV, computers, tablets, laptops and smartphones occupy a very significant position with all of us. We learn, entertain and get creative with media. However, not everything about media and the digital world are good for us.

Too much time in front of screens encourage sedentary habits. The advertisements about fast foods can promote unhealthy eating habits. Eating in front of screen can increase the calorie intake at the same time displacing play and physical activity, ultimately leading to obesity.

Tips to regulate time spent on media
Researches have revealed that excessive watching of TV is one of the major causes of overweight and obesity in children. One way to prevent this is to limit the screen time for kids between 18 and 24 months to not more than one hour per day.

Young babies need to interact with the real world. Connecting, bonding with and learning from family members is important for children to learn and grow. Therefore, digital media is not appropriate for them. So, avoid media while babysitting and find ways to enhance face to face interactions with your child.

Discourage media during meals
In front of screen, plenty of unconscious and unhealthy eating can be encouraged unconsciously. Due to getting distracted to the programs they watch, children eat for a long time, even after they get full. The result is weight gain. Too much screen time also prevents kids from engaging in healthy physical activity or face to face interactions with family members.

During meals, eat as a family and completely discourage any media during food sessions. Focus only on food and interacting with each other while eating. Also teach the children to eat consciously making a decision on what they have to eat and how much they have to consume.

How media promotes obesity
TV ads promote high sugar and high fat foods among children. Children who watch a lot of TV are more prone to become obese due to developing a liking for unhealthy foods. Never allow young kids of 18 months to 2 years to watch T|V or use digital media. Create a family media use plan that will bring in a system inside the family on how much of media is fine for the members and will also focus on including healthy activities. Talk to your children and explain them why they must not be influenced by the ads. Tell them that ads are made on commercial interests and by getting influenced by ads, children will end up spoiling their health.

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