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What are the Prevalent Materials, Sizes and Shapes of Watch Cases?

Watch case is metal housing containing internal watch movement and parts. Most watch cases are constructed from sturdy, durable stainless steel which contains chromium to prevent corrosion and rust. They are usually silver in color, but can be plated in a layer of gold measuring 1/1000 mm in thickness either completely or partially to add accent to the watch. Through the process of ionic plating or PVD (physical vapor deposition), stainless steel cases can be manufactured in various colors (usually in a matte finish).


Traditionally most gold watches are yellow gold, but gold watches come in other forms such as rose gold. This is a pinkish tint that occurs from the higher concentrations of copper in its alloy mix. When you are purchasing a watch consider the purity or fineness of the gold as expressed in karats. One karat equals 1/24th of pure gold. This means an 18 karat gold watch is 75% pure gold and a 14 karat gold watch equals 58% pure gold.

Watch cases can also be made from other precious metals such as platinum (only luxury watches), sterling silver, aluminum (extremely corrosion-resistant), tungsten, ceramic, carbon fiber or any other durably solid alloy. Sports watch cases are made from materials that can withstand rugged activities such as hardened rubber, plastic or resin.

Using the information below you can determine the look, size and feel when buying a watch online without ever seeing it in person just by glancing at the watch’s product specifications.


They are measured in millimeters according to three measurements as;

  • Diameter
  • Thickness
  • Band Width


A watch case usually has one of 4 common shapes, round, square, rectangular and Tonneau. Below are descriptions of the 4 common wrist watch shapes.


Direct descendants of the popular pocket watch shape. Most sport watches are circular since this is the easiest shape to manufacturer water-resistant.


More commonly found in fashion watches as they provide more surface area for decoration.


This shape is more conducive to the dress watch as it is easier to fit under the sleeve.


This is a unique retro style featuring a slim profile which a tall orientation, flat top and bottom, and sides that bulge out resembling a barrel. Tonneau-shaped watches are considered dress watches.

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