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Outdoor cannabis growers have a lot to look forward to this month. It’s time to reward yourself for all the time and effort you’ve put in since the beginning of the summer! Even the best harvests might be damaged if they are cut incorrectly by cannabis trimmers.

Cut your cannabis plants in the way that best suits you, and the same is true for choosing the best cannabis trimming scissors. Wet trimming and dry trimming are two methods of trimming marijuana. There are advantages to either approach.

Using a Dry Trimmer to Cut Marijuana

The next stage for the grower is to cut the plant’s branches and hang them in a drying place. In the end, the twigs will be given a close manicure after being allowed to dry entirely. In terms of the final product’s quality, trimming with these scissors is one of the most commonly used procedures. Because of its quantity of foliage, this procedure may result in the growth of mold if it isn’t properly dried.

Trimming Cannabis Using the Wet Trim Method

Immediately after harvest, the buds will be reduced in size by the farmer. A single cutting will speed up the drying process since there will be less surface matter and drying buds will occupy less area.

Regardless of the type of Cannabis Scissors utilized, preparation is a must.

New and experienced growers both would benefit greatly from this basic cannabis trimming tutorial.

A disinfected pair of scissors (or two!) is a must-have when it comes to cutting your marijuana. Using a bottle of surgical spirit (rubbing alcohol) to sterilize and clean the scissors is an excellent idea because they get jammed up so quickly.

Latex-based gloves (or alternative). 

A study that backs up a slew of anecdotal evidence suggests that smoking a lot of pot can cause your skin to absorb THC. Trimming takes time, and if you’re high on THC, Cannabis Scissors can take even longer… ‘Great!’ some trimmers might say. Inexperienced trimmers are surprised by how fast and easily their hands become covered in glue. Best Cannabis Trimming Scissors leftover glue will one day be worth a lot to someone.

A newspaper that is published daily. 

It is possible to utilize newspapers for many different purposes: dumping clipped buds and leaves, cleaning scissors and becoming bored or needing a break, etc.

It’s a new look. Even if you don’t do it, working with a freshly cut cannabis plant soaking with terpenes will make you smell. To get out of those cutting clothing, you’ll want to eat dinner with your grandmother or go somewhere else. In addition, it is strongly suggested that you wear a helmet. The aroma of a freshly cut bloom clinging to one’s hair is indescribable.

Prepare a plan for waste disposal. When cannabis is trimmed in a moist state, a large number of leaves are created! That leaf has to go somewhere, at some point. This isn’t a big deal for the country mouse compared to the city mouse. You’ll be terrified even if you haven’t been chopping away all night sans gloves. Taking a bag full of trim out of the house will send the terror skyrocketing. Avoid disposing of rubbish in public places like a river, a pond, a park, or your neighbor’s trash (you never know who is coming around the corner).

Prepare to be dried out. 

A consistent temperature of around 18 to 20 degrees centigrade (about 64 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit) and good airflow are essential for the first three days of drying before the temperature can be adjusted by a few degrees each day after that. The indoor grower has an advantage here because they can make use of their existing growing space, but outside farmers must make preparations for this crucial time in the crop’s life cycle. It is highly recommended that you use a fan and a tiny heater (connected to a thermostat timing switch) to get the ideal temperature and airflow. To save money on drying racks and nets, a hammock made from garden mesh or horizontal strings of cotton (using the drawing pins to fix between two areas!) can work just as well.

There’s going to be a stench. 

Set aside some time to deal with a stink. The benefits of having a drying space in the attic are the same as those of having a room with a window and plenty of natural ventilation. As long as you’re not looking out onto your neighbor’s property, you should be fine. You should also take into account the external factors, such as the fact that delivery people and phone engineers are less likely to come up on weekends. When it’s going to be rainy or snowy, it’s a good idea to let the windows open a little wider (since your neighbors will be inside).

Cannabis scissors post-harvest need some thought and planning, like all the best cannabis trimming scissors. The greatest approach to dealing with the stress of the next few days is to be well-prepared. A hearty welcome and best wishes for a bumper crop!

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