BMS College of Architecture placements

BMS College of Architecture placements


The BMS College of Architecture is a college in Bengaluru, India that was established in 1975. It specializes in architecture, planning, and urban design. The college offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses at the undergraduate level and master’s degree programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

BMS College of Architecture has good Faculty

If you have been looking for a college to join and are willing to spend your hard-earned money on this, then It is the right choice. The faculty at this college is well-versed in their respective fields and they teach with enthusiasm. They encourage students to learn as much as possible; they also make sure that everyone gets an equal amount of attention in class discussions and projects.

The student body here is diverse despite being a small institution; there are students from all over India who come here purely out of interest in architecture or design. This helps them maintain high standards when it comes to learning about various aspects related to architecture like drawing skills among others!

This college Has good placements history

It has a good placement record and has been able to provide placements for its students every year. The college is known for providing placements from some of the best companies in India, including Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Wipro Technologies Ltd., among others.

The college also offers graduate programs such as Master’s in Architecture, Masters in Planning, Masters in Urban Design & Construction Management & Engineering Technology, etc., which are offered by a team of distinguished professors who have vast experience working with leading multinational corporations like TCS or Infosys Technologies Ltd.

College of Architecture Rankings

The College of Architecture Rankings

The College of Architecture Rankings in India is a ranking system that ranks colleges and universities according to their programs, placements, and faculty. The list was created by the magazine Outlook India in 2007 and has been published annually since then. The first edition had only 100 schools, but it has grown to over 500 colleges and universities across the country by now. There are three different rankings: “top 20” (the top 20), “top 50,” and “top 100.”

College of Architecture Rankings in Karnataka

In Karnataka state alone there are around 10 colleges offering courses related to architecture as well as some other disciplines such as interior design or town planning departments at these institutions which all provide students with opportunities for getting an internship within real-life conditions during their studies at the college level

how was the Admissions Process

The admissions process for BMS College was very straightforward and non-competitive. Candidates were required to submit their application forms online, with the last date being 15th June 2019 (the closing date).

Candidates who meet the minimum eligibility requirements will be shortlisted based on their score in CAT 2018 or any other test conducted by its affiliates. There will be no interview conducted for admission into this program as it is an open entrance exam that gives equal chances to all students irrespective of their age, gender, etc.

This is a national-level entrance exam that is conducted by this College of Architecture. The exam has been designed in such a way that it tests your analytical and logical skills as well as knowledge of basic concepts in various areas like General Aptitude, English Language Comprehension

Overview of this College of Architecture

This College is one of the oldest architecture colleges in India. Established in 1946, it is situated in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. The college is affiliated with the Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), Belgaum, and offers Bachelor’s degrees in Architecture with majors such as environmental design and urban design; interior architecture; town planning & development; construction management & surveying, etc., Master’s degree programs include MArch-Urban Design (MUD), MA Interior Architecture (MAIA), etc., the Ph.D. program has been started recently with two years coursework before getting admitted into a Ph.D. program which will end up after four years duration.[1]


In conclusion, the BMS College of Architecture Placements has a good faculty with a good placement history and a rank in the top 100 colleges. The college of architecture is also on the list of reputed colleges in India.

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