To share good movies about adventure

Seven Samurai
Monochrome. subtitle. Lengthy. But stick to us here. Akira Kurosawa’s Japanese adventure movie, about a group of samurai protecting the village, deserves your attention. Not only is it a watch worth seeing, but decades later, it continues to leave its mark on the entire epic of war, robbery and battle – including the complete work of Quentin Tarantino.

The Matrix
It is really a famous adventure movie.As a tribute to animation, comic books and Kung Fu, the wozhuosky family tells the story of a cloaked hero named Neo fighting a group of computer programming machines committed to the elimination of human beings, which itself has immeasurable influence. It has made one of the most significant contributions in film history: “bullet time”, or use super slow motion visual effects and ballet lines to create illogical scenes that let our chin fall to the floor.

The French Connection
Before William Friedkin recklessly abandoned our mental health (Exorcist, killer Joe), he was also reckless with drugs, racism and the very fast French connection, which is perhaps the most famous creative car chase sequence.

Raiders of the Lost Ark
Steven Spielberg, with the story of George Lucas and the rogue charm of Harrison Ford, drew on the films of the 1930s and 1940s, and produced a classical adventure movie that inspired a new generation of epics. There are rumors that the fifth part will come in 2019. Obviously, we still can’t let Indy crack the whip.

The Empire Strikes Back
Of course, “new hope” introduced the world to the Jedi way, but “Empire Strikes Back” finally changed the rules of the game, which is largely due to one of the most important film revelations in history. Widely regarded as the best part of the series, it is a fascinating family melodrama, dressed in the cloak of science fiction adventure – we will fall in love with it.

Bad Boys
The roles of Will Smith and martinlawrence were originally prepared for SNL alumni Jon Lovitz and Dana cavy, who won as Miami’s good friend policemen joking and dodging bullets. The bloated action and high production of this film marks the introduction of “bayhem”, which describes the iconic style of a small action filmmaker named Michael Bay.A good adventure movie.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
If you don’t see Ang Lee’s extraordinary fantasy adventure movie in the background, you may not be able to attend a family party early and play Jay-Z, Eminem and destiny’s child playlists side by side. An excellent work of art, a movie about a soldier and a sword, and the romantic adventure that took him to the treetops are ideal opening lines for dialogue, so we understand. However, in fact, the best way to appreciate Li’s Oscar winning epic full of action is to reject the party congestion and improve Tan Dun’s victory score.

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