Why My IP is Blocked?

A computer that cannot configure an Internet Protocol address is not able to connect to a network. If a laptop is connected to a modem using an Ethernet cable, and it gives you an error message stating “No Valid IP Address”, this could indicate a problem in the hardware or with the Internet Service Provider. Because laptops are lighter than desktops, they are more likely to connect with multiple networks. Accessing a network may require special settings that could affect the laptop’s ability connect to other networks.

Your IP Has Been Temporarily Blocked | Solution | XVOLA

Duplication Issues

  1. Each connected device must use an IP address. An IP address works in the same way as a postal address. The digits identify the computers and direct traffic to the right location. If two systems have the same IP address the network cannot distinguish them. One system will not be able to use the network. If two static systems are set up with the same address, or if a dynamic system gives an IP address to a system it believes is free, duplicate IP addresses may be generated. A system that previously used the same address can reconnect to the network and request a new IP address. The ISP can also cause duplicate invalid IP errors.


Your ip has been blocked temporarily

  1. Computers default to a null-value IP address. They can’t connect until they have been assigned an IP address. The system can fail to connect to a network if it attempts to use a null-value IP address. Although the computer should request an address to connect to the modem, network hardware, it could encounter a problem with its operation due to a software or hardware issue.

Dedicated Blockage

  1. Your ISP assigns you an IP address which your systems use for Internet connectivity. Your ISP might tie your IP address assignment with your modem for security reasons. If the ISP does not recognize the modem, it may not assign you an IP address. If your modem isn’t a combo modem/router unit, it could indicate that the modem isn’t registered with the service provider. Or that the modem is not compatible with current network protocols. You may need to contact your service provider if you have changed modems. This will enable the modems to be connected to the network.

Solving Issues

You may have a hardware conflict or an incorrect setting that is causing your computer to have an invalid Ip address. Press “Windows-R” to force the computer’s network connection to be restored. Type “cmd,” press the “Enter” key, then type “ipconfig/release,” then press the “Enter” key. Next type “ipconfig/renew”, and then press the “Enter” key. To resolve hardware problems, you can also use the built in troubleshooting tool by right-clicking the Taskbar’s network icon and selecting “Troubleshoot issues” and then following the onscreen instructions. Advanced users can follow Microsoft’s instructions to reset Internet Protocol.