A Comprehensive Guide to Intra-Company Transfers in Canada

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If you’re a business owner outside of Canada and want to expand your business operation internationally, Canada’s ICT (Intra Company Transfer) program could be a great opportunity for you.

In this blog, we’ll learn the details of ICT, including its requirements, application process, advantages, and options to acquire PR (permanent residency) in Canada.

What is the ICT (Intra Company Transfer) program?

ICT program is a great pathway under Canada’s International Mobility programs that lets qualified entrepreneurs and business owners expand their businesses in Canada and receive a work permit.

Through ICT’s pathway, you can acquire a work permit under ICT and ultimately PR in Canada. In most cases, the applicant’s children and spouse can also obtain a study or work permit, respectively.

What are the requirements to acquire ICT in Canada?

People who run successful businesses in their local countries are eligible to apply for the ICT program and expand their business in Canada. However, there are some additional requirements that they need to meet before they can be accepted for the ICT program.

Here are some additional requirements you’ll need to fulfill if you’re applying for ICT:

  • Your company in the home country must be in operation for at least 12 months (and ideally for 3 years) before you can expand it in Canada
  • Your home company must show the evidence of financial stability and capabilities to support operation costs in Canada
  • The owner who is applying for the ICT program must be engaged or working with the company for at least a year in the last 3 years before the immigration application
  • The owner’s company must be related to the company in Canada as a subsidiary, a parent, or as an affiliate company
  • And the Canadian operations of the company must be viable and will likely result in providing jobs to the Canadian citizens

What is the investment amount you’ll need to expand your business operations via ICT?

The government of Canada doesn’t set any minimum mark for the investment amount. However, according to experts, the company owner must show evidence of access to an investment amount of at least a quarter-million CAD. This includes the costs of operation for the first year of business.

In addition to this, the applicants must show evidence of access to additional assets and finances in case the business is not able to reach self-sufficiency by the end of the first year.

What are the advantages of obtaining an ICT work permit?

  • You get to live and run your business operations in Canada. The country offers great living standards and economic and political stability
  • You can bring your family with you. This can provide them with an opportunity to study or work in Canada
  • You get free education for your children in public schools in Canada
  • There’s no minimum investment required
  • There’s no physical presence required on behalf of the owner. So, you can travel back and forth to your home country
  • You can also transfer employees from your home country
  • You can ultimately obtain a PR

How can you apply for an ICT work permit in Canada?

Just like other immigration programs in Canada, you need to submit required documents and follow certain federal rules and regulations. If this is your first time expanding your company in Canada, the steps for your application would be as follows:

  • You’ll need to register your home company in Canada as an affiliate, subsidiary, or a parent
  • You’ll be required to prepare a thorough business plan that clearly outlines the proposed business operations, your market research, and your plans to run your business profitably in a Canadian state. Also, make sure that you include a hiring plan and demonstrate cash flow forecasts for a minimum of two to three years according to the industry’s standards.
  • Collect all your required documents including bank statements, business income statements, etc.) and then prepare the work permit application for ICT
  • Finally, submit your WP application

It’s also essential to know that the process for ICT may differ greatly on your nationality. Countries that have agreements with Canada may benefit greatly in their application processes and their citizens may enjoy greater leniency in their immigration journey for the ICT.

When the applicant is from a visa-exempt country, they can also apply for the ICT work permit at POE (port of entry).

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