Different Types Of Air Conditioners And How To Choose The Right One For Your Home

Types Of Air Conditioners

Air Conditioners are essential electrical appliances. To buy an ideal AC for your home, it is vital to know the types to choose from and the facilities it provides like energy consumption, cooling power, etc. Below are the different types of air conditioners found in the market.

Central Air Conditioners

These are suitable for large homes. It has a compressor that is placed outside and the ducts that are installed that regulate air and keeps the space cool. Central air conditioning distributes cool air through these coiled ducts, while heated air is forced out of the home via an exhaust system. It cools the entire area at once, creating a cool and controlled atmosphere in a relatively short period.

Window Air Conditioners

It is the most common air conditioning found. They are usually mounted on windows with an exhaust system that pushes the hot air out while pulling the cool air inside. These units can cool one room at a time, and if you have a big home, you may need to install one in each area you want to be cooled. These are, however, the most popular alternative for people living in tiny homes or flats since they are affordable. Another benefit of window ACs is that they are portable and can be moved between rooms as needed and removed entirely if shifted to another place.

Portable Air Conditioners

They are small movable ACs and are commonly used when you don’t want to ruin the design of the building, or the size of the room is small. These are single units, and all the components are enclosed in a single compartment. These are temporary air conditioners with a single hose that takes air from outside and cools it. Portable air conditioners often have inexpensive initial costs. However, they are likely to cost you more in electricity in the long term than alternative solutions.

Split Air Conditioners

These ACs have two compartments; one is the condenser which is installed outside, and the indoor unit, which is mounted on a wall. The indoor and the outdoor units are connected by a tube. The Split Inverter AC is mounted high on the walls; therefore, it is essential to keep the house’s decor in mind. These ACs are more efficient than portable or window ACs. The Split conditioners come with numerous benefits like Wi-Fi features that can be operated with a smartphone.

How To Choose The Right Air Conditioning For Your Home?

  • The cooling capacity is measured in BTUs. The cooling capacity is directly related to this BTU number. Therefore it is essential to choose the right AC for your convenience.
  • An Inverter AC is better compared to the traditional window ACs. You can buy a 1.5-ton split AC that offers excellent cooling in 185 square feet.
  • It is essential to buy energy-efficient air conditioners. A 5-star rating is considered the best and will help save energy on your electricity bill.
  • During the cold winter months, certain air conditioners can heat the space. This is advantageous since it allows you to decrease the number of appliances required.
  • You can look for filters that help trap dust particles and act as an air purifiers. Some ACs come with PPM filters that trap more advanced dust particles in the air. While buying ACs, these features should be kept in mind.
  • Timers allow you to schedule the AC to run for a specific time before turning off automatically. This is useful if you want the room to be colder before bed and then want the AC to turn off automatically after a few hours.

In addition to the tips shared above, factors like well-built coils, cooling efficiency, deciding the configuration to purchase, and brand awareness are essential points to remember before buying an air conditioner.

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