Tips to Procreate Fashion Illustration For Beginners

If you have an eye for fashion and want to improve your fashion drawing talents, master the art of fashion illustration Unlike a fashion sketch, a fashion illustration focuses on the person wearing the garments rather than a specific piece of clothing or accessory. It’s intended to convey the mood and personality of the person shown.

 Fashion drawings can be found as stand-alone works of artwork in periodicals, promotional commercials, and stores. Fashion designers, on the other hand, employ technical sketches known as flats to communicate the concept of a design to a patternmaker or fabricator.

Fashion Illustration For Beginners in the fashion business normally follow rigorous standards, but the beauty of illustration is that fashion designers are allowed to develop far more imaginative figure drawings and digital art. You have the ability to accomplish anything.

Begin by following the advice of fashion illustrators.

All it takes to create a piece of art, according to Karman, is an idea:

Define your personal style.

Consider the atmosphere you wish to create while determining your unique specialty. Your artistic concept may be brought to life by a splashy or more visual portrayal of your character.

These are only a few of Procreate’s most fundamental basic motions. It may appear like there is a lot to learn, so don’t be concerned. The programme becomes easier to use the more you use it. With practise, creating art with all of these gestures becomes second nature. You could even notice yourself trying to remove a pencil line on a piece of paper with a two-finger touch when making conventional art.

What do I need to get Procreate up and running?

All you’ll need is an iPad, a digital stylus, or an Apple pencil, as well as the Procreate Fashion Illustration For Beginners. To get the most out of it, you’ll also need a love for creativity and the willingness to study a variety of digital creative skills.

What is the price of Procreate?

For all of its features, Procreate is an incredible bargain. It’s available on the App Store for the low price of $9.99. There are no hidden fees or monthly memberships, and this is a one-time fee. It’s a fantastic deal, and it’s a lot less expensive than other graphic design applications for digital sketching.

Which iPad is best with Procreate?

The software is compatible with any iPad, and you’ll be fine using it regardless of whatever model you have; although, bigger iPads are often simpler to use. I have a standard-size iPad and Procreate is a pastime of mine. Some skilled digital painters use the iPad Pro, which has a larger screen and allows for greater zooming and a larger viewing canvas. Overall, any iPad, even the iPad mini, is sufficient; however, a regular-sized iPad or the iPad Pro would be more convenient.

Is an Apple pencil required for Procreate?

Not in the least! A digital stylus or drawing pencil is required, although an Apple Pencil is not required. The biggest difference between an Apple Pencil and other manufacturers is that an Apple Pencil has a pressure sensor that can be used in Procreate to create thinner or thicker lines. However, this isn’t a hard and fast rule; there are many of alternatives to the Apple Pencil on the market, such the Adonit Dash, which is used by experts.


There are hundreds of really amazing Procreate lessons online and limitless sites giving helpful Procreate tips; we recommend checking out the links below to expand your knowledge and get a better understanding of the software and all of its capabilities. If you have some extra time, watch this video by Emma Jane Lefebvre, which talks you through the process of getting started with Procreate.

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