Cybersecurity solutions in Fort Lauderdale: Some tips to keep you safe

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Waking up in the morning and you get to know that all your business has become a victim of a cyberattack is the worst nightmare any organization would think about. Cyberattacks are very common and many companies fall prey to this heinous act, especially those with no or low cybersecurity.

Here are some of the tips that can help you save your essential information. Share these tips with your employees and others to protect your organizational data from cyberattacks.

Pay attention to the links

One of the most common traps that cyber attackers throw at individuals are the links in the email. This is one of the ways by which individuals end up giving their information to hackers. Banking statements, flight reservations, password recovery, etc., are common ways to trap when a user clicks any links; they are directed to a fake yet similar-looking site that is nearly impossible to detect. 

They ask you to log in or provide other information. Once done, the hackers get access to your account, and you end up caught in the trap. So be careful and pay attention to the links you see in any of your emails. The best way to avoid any scam is to directly visit the website instead oF clicking any links.

Keep a different password for every app

Remembering one password is easy, but it is not safe when it comes to IoT devices. Let us say one of the apps of any big company you use gets breached; with the password being the same, you give access to all the other apps and accounts. But when you have different passwords for accounts and apps you use, the chances of other apps and accounts being hacked or attacked become zero.

 A password manager can be of great help

Many people don’t know what a password manager is and how great it can be. It is like a master key to all your locks. It means that you can have one password to unlock all your apps and accounts while having different passwords for all your apps and accounts. 

You don’t have to note down any passwords to remember; some of the apps for a password manager are LastPass, KeePass, Dashlane, 1Password, and Roboform are good options. Some of them are totally free, while some have free versions. Cloud-like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, or others are easy ways to create and save a database that you can access from anywhere.

Up to date software

Many companies fail or pay the least attention to software updation, which is one of the biggest mistakes. Several ransomware attacks result from old and outdated software and apps. Make sure that if you have an operating system and application, they are up to date, making it easier to avoid cyber attacks. 

It also helps you remove the elements that make your system vulnerable, so it is better to automatically update your devices and use automatic security updates; other plugins that you use must be updated as well.

Use a multi-factor authentication setup

MFA (multi-factor authentication) setup acts as an extra layer of protection. You need a username and password to sign in, but with MFA, you get an additional protective layer that allows you to enter your password one more time, which is sent to your mobile or email. When the user identity is verified, you get access, making it difficult for an unauthorized person to access any information.

Avoid saving payment information

Several apps and websites ask you to save credit information to make future purchases easy, but trust me, this is the most dangerous thing you should do. Data breaches happen all the time; if your information is easily available, you know what can happen, so it is always advised not to save your sensitive information online.

Avoid clicking the unknown sites

In this technologically advanced world, sharing a link online is no big deal, but these new or unknown links must be avoided as this is the scariest thing as they put your information at risk. This drive-by download attacks the devices that get infected, so it is best to click or stick to a known site.

Be vigilant on Social media platforms

One of the best things to stay in touch with your friends and family is through social media platforms, but you know these platforms also make you vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Be vigilant about what you share and post on social media publicly. Cybercriminals and hackers can get a fair idea about you and dig out personal information based on your posts, so avoid sharing personal information or details online.

 Avoid unnecessary downloads

Limiting your downloads is one of the best ways to protect your information. The organization especially needs to tell their employees to avoid unnecessary downloads as this is the common tactic hackers use to access any network. Using custom installation is better and watching it carefully. Also, if any pop-up or add-on appears, decline it immediately.

The path to cybersecurity solution

The Internet is a wonderful creation if used properly and carefully. With the above stated tips, you can enjoy online shopping, browsing, downloading, and much more while keeping all your personal information safe and protected. There are many articles on protecting your personal information online, and you must read them and teach your employees about that. 

Organizational data is always the most lucrative information that cyber attackers search for. Be vigilant and ask for professional help. Computer Service Tech provides the best and foolproof cybersecurity solution in Fort Lauderdale to businesses and individuals to avoid cyberattacks and hacking. So what are you waiting for? 

If you want to protect your company’s data and info, contact Computer Service Tech for managed IT services and lead towards the path to cybersecurity solutions.

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