What Are Some of the Best Championship Rings in Latest History?

It’s all concerning the bling in sports, isn’t it?

Not only will the winner of Super Bowl LVI between the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals get to add a Lombardi Trophy to their hardware assortment, but they’ll also receive flashy championship rings.

Earlier than the Super Bowl LVI rings are revealed, right here’s a look at among the different greatest championship rings that we’ve seen recently.

2016 Cleveland Cavaliers

With LeBron James coming back to The Land and profitable the franchise’s lone championship, you had to know the rings could be special.

The rings, designed by Kay Jewelers and Baron Championship Rings, had been made up of 216 diamonds every, representing the Cleveland area code. The left side of the ring had the Cleveland skyline running throughout it. The Detroit-Superior Bridge is featured on that side as well, with the number fifty two underneath, in honor of the 52 seasons that the staff didn’t win a championship.

The bottom of the ring featured seven gems for the seven games within the finals. In addition, wine-colored garnets and white diamonds represented the team’s total wins and losses, respectively.

2018 Golden State Warriors

You can realistically put the 2015 or 2017 rings for the Warriors on here as well, however we’ll stick with just one for now.

Essentially the most unique part of Golden State’s 2018 championship rings is the twist-off feature. The players obtained a little grasping and couldn’t determine in the event that they wanted a white or blue face for the ring, so designer Jason’s of Beverly Hills got here up with a compromise — a twist-off, reversible face of either seventy four blue sapphires or seventy four white diamonds, representing the number of total wins.

Also on the rings are two trophies, representing the back-to-back championships for the Warriors in 2017 and 2018. Once you twist off the face, there is the engraved slogan “Energy in Numbers.”

2017 New England Patriots

The Patriots didn’t necessarily need one other way to remind folks of the 28-three comeback over the Atlanta Falcons, but it was a featured part of their Super Bowl LI win.

Jostens included 283 diamonds per ring, as a reminder of that notorious score earlier than the Patriots stormed back for the win.

Also included in the ring are the five Lombardi trophies of the franchise and infamous quotes from owner Robert Kraft, such as “Unequivocally the sweetest” and “We are all Patriots”.

2018 Philadelphia Eagles

A lot like the Patriots paying homage to the 28-three comeback, would it really be an Eagles’ championship ring for Super Bowl LII without something for the Philly Particular?

Jostens, the designer of the ring, included 127 diamonds on the bezel of the ring, the total number that you just get should you mix the jersey numbers of Nick Foles (9), Corey Clement (30) and Trey Burton (88), the three players who touched the ball throughout that sensational play.

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