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Although we usually don’t appreciate when a well-meaning friend tell us our dishonesty, this is where a good professional coach or therapist can be valuable. You know, that’s a good idea. Anyway, well written hub with good points, but, this is a raw subject for me and I just wanted to point out that I think this happens more frequently with women than you may suspect. If you are unsure of what you are doing and you make these strange, confused faces when giving your guy oral and you feel awkward, he’ll feel the same, and it sure as hell won’t be a good BJ. We didn’t want to complicate your lives by giving you too many options to choose from. If you show total devotion and make it your ultimate pleasure to give him pleasure, you will end up giving him amazing pleasure. If you can give him better oral than he sees in porn, he’ll want to marry you right there and then.

All those female magazines out there want you to believe that figuring out a guy is rocket science. There is a term coined for women that just jump on the bed and do nothing, just expect the guy to do everything – men call women like that “dead cows.” Don’t let that happen to you. Every guy has a certain “fetish”, some guys go nuts when they see your feet, others are in love with anal sex, and some guys (most) go nuts when they just think about getting oral. What others think of us is none of our business. If you can be that girl, that will make him faint, he’ll never even think about being with somebody else. I’ve tried different styles, including no hair at all, and I’ve been monitoring the difference the various styles make to my girlfriend’s experience during sex. For sure you get the most money if you are 18-30 years old, but there are also active mature cams who still are able to earn a living solely with having sex in front of a camera. If you have the look and if you are willing to do nasty stuff in front of a camera, you can make thousands of dollars – Seriously.

It’s not. You can make your boyfriend go absolutely insane in bed by doing for simple things. And with all that new technology like connected vibratoys and even VR setups, you can even add some extra dimensions. TO NOTURNINGBACK: I feel for you and I understand what it is like to be with someone with a substance abuse problem. Sin. yes, sin is the cause or thing that leads to someone being controlled and ultimately possessed by demonic forces: 1. Abuse – Some folks claim they were abused as children, and this has brought them under the control of demons. Soft, silky skin is always nicer than being hairy and dry like a caveman. No, your boyfriend will not look down on you if you behave like a totally kinky porn star that is in love with every single inch of his body and wants to please him no matter what.

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