Marriage Compatibility of Libra and Pisces

Libra and Pisces are the two most romantic zodiac signs. Air sign Libra rules partnerships, while Water sign Pisces rules fantasy and creativity. When these two meet, a fairytale relationship may ensue. But it may not be as easy as it looks. 

Both of them have a serious approach to love and appreciate beauty. They are also affectionate and sentimental. However, despite being flexible and good communicators, conversations between the two can be frustrating at times. 

The relationship between these two can be very sensual and romantic, as well as emotional. They love art, beauty, music, and looking after others. There will be no dearth of sweet gestures between them. 

These two love the idea of being in love. They often fall in love and get into relationships instantly. They also devote themselves to their partner completely.

Unless they set some boundaries, they could lose themselves in their relationship. They should make sure that they are actually in love with each other instead of just the feeling of being a twosome.

Libra, being an Air sign, is more intellectual, while Water sign Pisces is emotional. This can cause some problems in communication. As both are indecisive, it can make matters worse.

Libra is more practical than the dreamy Pisces. They may have more control in the relationship, and Pisces may not have many objections to this. But ironically, Libra may not feel very comfortable in a dominant role as they don’t like to be seen as controlling or insensitive.

Libra likes to socialize, whereas Pisces is shy and introverted. They may have arguments about going out or staying in. Pisces would prefer to chill out at home instead of partying into the wee hours of the morning. They need to make compromises as it can flare up into a major problem between them.

Libra likes to look good and dress trendily. It will annoy them when Pisces fails to notice such things. They may even find Libra to be a little superficial.

To Libra, Pisces appears to be too needy and not as sophisticated as they themselves are. They may even find Pisces’ sensitivity rather draining.

If they meet each other half-way, the relationship may improve eventually, as both hate conflicts and confrontations and would go the extra mile for peace and harmony. Their creative and artistic interests, too, help to keep them together.



The chemistry in the bedroom may not be sizzling, but there will be enough to keep them together as both are romantic, with Libra being the more passionate of the two.

Libra may have to take the lead in sex, though. Also, Pisces is quite serious, while Libra is more fun-loving and less inhibited.

For Libra, sex is not lust but an expression of love. This sits well with Pisces as they seek emotional connection. 

Both are selfless types who like to please their partners. They’ll try to find out each other’s likes and dislikes in bed. They will also create a romantic setting for sex with candles and flowers.


Though they will fall in love easily, it will take time for them to establish an enduring emotional bond.

Pisces is eager to surrender to Libra and give them everything. They will try to mold themselves according to Libra’s desires. But if they try to hide their intense feelings, it may turn into obsession or neediness.

Being a mutable sign, Pisces is flexible. They are attentive to the needs of others. Libra is a cardinal sign and believes in fairness. If Pisces does not express their emotions, Libra will do the same.

Both are sensitive and empathic. They can feel each other’s needs intuitively. Libra will be able to help Pisces deal with their emotions, while Pisces provides Libra the space to express their emotions.


Trust is not hard to come by between these two. They are both committed to their partners. The only problem is Libra’s need to socialize and their undeniable charms which attract suitors like bees to honey. This could make Pisces feel a little jealous and insecure. If Pisces chooses to seethe within instead of expressing their feelings, Libra can feel shortchanged.


Libra believes in fairness, while Pisces is caring and generous. But Libra can come across as cold and superficial to Pisces at times. The lack of healthy arguments is also an issue. Both Libra and Pisces seek harmony and peace. But without a healthy tension, boredom could set in. They must learn to express their hurt and anger to avoid resentment and emotional distance. Setting healthy boundaries, too, is very important if they want to retain their identities.


Overall, this is quite a good match, provided they find the right balance in their relationship. There are so many things going for this couple. For one, love and relationships mean a great deal to them. Secondly, they have many shared interests. And thirdly, they want nothing less than a fairytale romance. This pairing can make for a happy and successful marriage.

The marriage compatibility of Libra and Pisces gets a score of 7/10.

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