Best Tourist Place in Surat

1 Dumas Beach

Best Tourist Place in Surat

Talking about Surat this Dumas beach is located a short distance from Surat city. Which is one of the most popular tourist attraction centers in Surat.

Dumas is an urban beach. Which is located along the Arabian Sea, at a distance of about 21 km from the city of Surat.

In the meantime, if you come during peak hours, then you can also come here and enjoy horse and camel rides. Also, it is a quiet beach. Where people often come to hang out with friends or family.

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2 Hazira Village

Hazira Village is not only a popular entertainment destination, along with it, many hot water springs are also seen here, Hazira is also included in the famous places for its health tourism.

It is a picturesque city situated on the banks of the Arabian Sea. This place is a favorite destination for foreign and local tourists.

The waters of the Arabian Sea and the golden sands of the sea form a beautiful sight, which looks even more attractive in the morning and evening.

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3 Suvali Beach

This beach is a black sand beach, which is spread for many miles. This beach is located at a distance of about 20 km from Surat. It is a charming and serene beach.

This beach is gradually developing as a tourist destination. It is a beautiful beach where you can come and spend time with your family, kids or friends.

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4 Swaminarayan Mandir

Swaminarayan Temple is also one of the popular religious places in Surat. The temple belongs to the Swaminarayan sect of Vaishnavism, where Sahajanand is considered Swami or Swaminarayan.

5 Dutch Garden

The Dutch Garden or as you can call it Dutch Cemetery, located at a distance of about 4 km from the city, is a popular landmark in the city of Surat. It is located near Katargam Gate.

This garden is famous for its ancient tomb, which is why it is also called Dutch Cemetery. This garden was built in the memory of the British and Dutch officers who settled in Surat.

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7 Ambika Niketan Temple

Ambika Niketan Temple was constructed in 1969 and is situated on the banks of the Tapti River. This temple is dedicated to the Goddess, who is seated here in the form of Goddess Ashtabhuja Ambika.

This temple is a popular pilgrimage destination of Surat as well as a place with a very peaceful atmosphere.

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7 Dandi

Dandi is a very good tourist place to spend time in the weekend. Also Dandi is known for its rich history, its natural beauty attracts a lot of tourists visiting here.

8 Sai Baba Mandir

Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple located in Surat is one of the pilgrimage sites here. The temple is a center of attention for all those

Sai Baba devotees who are electric and spiritual and cannot travel to Shirdi to seek Baba’s blessings. Here you can have darshan of Baba in the Sai Baba temple with ease. Which is a very peaceful place.

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9 Modi Resorts and Amusement Park

If you want to go somewhere for a picnic for a day, then you can come to Modi Resorts, as well as this is also an amusement park, which is a resort located in Rm Chowk in the heart of Surat city.

Apart from this, it is also a water park. The park also offers poolside dinner and lunch facilities. It also offers luxurious rooms for overnight stay.

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10 Jagdish Chandra Bose Aquarium

It is India’s first multidisciplinary aquarium, home to over 100 species of fish, as well as seawater. Apart from this, the biggest attraction of this aquarium is a great double-story shark tank, an amazing dolphin tunnel, and a jellyfish pool.

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