Rose Mist for hydrate your skin

What it is:- Edible Rose water. Potent, effective & healthy. 100% chemical & Preservative free Benefits:-Benefits body, skin & mind

Suitable for eat & apply

Super rich with nutrients like vitamin C

Made with desi Indian Gulab & traditional deg-bhapka method

Suitable for:- All skin & body types Tonic for:- Dehydrated body & dull, dry, uneven, red & inflamed oily acne-prone skin.

The regal queen of flowers, once enthralled the heart & soul of every Indian even today its feels like a royal. Rose Mist is not just a rose water spray, this is Rose everything. Aroused by the traditionality of desi Gulab & Deg-bhapka method, it is 100% natural, aromatic, healthy & safe to eat and apply. Make your daily routine a royal treat for the skin. 

Rose mist is a blend of rose water, rose essence and Indian Gulab (deg-bhapka) technique in various proportions to create a solution which can be used as spray or drinking water. Rose water is known for its brightening, soothing and calming properties.     

Rediscover the revitalising and pampering benefits of natural flowers. Gulab aan Mist is India’s first edible rose water spray, made with fresh desi roses from the heart of the desert. Blended with pure spring water and an array of Indian herbs, it is 100% chemical free, preservative free and completely non-alcoholic. Use it as a perfume to make your body sing or as a tonic to hydrate and renew skin cells. The smooth mist is rich in vitamins C and K so it double up as an effective skin spray for acne-prone skin, dry & dehydrated body, fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. Enjoy its refreshing rose fragrance on the body & soul.

Our Rose Mist is a game-changer:

A desi Indian Gulab–based spray water that you can drink as well as use topically to hydrate your body, mind, & skin. This aromatic elixir has potent antioxidant-rich ingredients like vitamin C (ascorbic acid) — an incredible scavenger of free radicals that slows aging and gently evens out the complexion — combined with rose petals and mango seed extract to help nourish and detoxify the skin. We promise, this game-changing mist will change your life.

We bring to you the goodness of nature, Rose Mist. A beautiful range of Rose H2O, made from real rose petals and revitalizing ingredients like pure desi Indian Gulab and Potassium Alum

Desi Gulab Rose water (“Rose Mist”) comes in a convenient spray bottle with easy-to-use spray. Gulab rose cools and refreshes, and taken internally it detoxifies your body and purifies the blood. With its sedative properties, gulab rose is also useful for treating insomnia. This natural edible water from desi rose is free from any preservatives or chemicals, making it safe for consumption. The strong fragrance and taste of rose makes this natural drink taste delicious and sweet.

Discover everything there is to know about the benefits of this rose water tonic in a hygienic, convenient spray bottle. Add this tonic to food or drinks, or just apply it topically. It’s so powerful, you can spray straight onto your dry skin for a near-immediate fix. It contains no preservatives or artificial colours, and its fresh fragrance gives off an exotic Indian vibe.

The freshness of the 3-billion year old rose combined with the purity of captured morning dew. Putting all its goodness to use for your beauty, our health and body & mind well-being.


Spray on face, neck & body after shower everyday for all day hydration & nourishment, use for skin pampering and rejuvenation. Sprinkle rose water in braziers, boil on gas with rock sugar and add green tea to it. Rose water helps in growing mental abilities and stimulation of your nerves. It also helps to boost memory, helps to cure insomnia and keeps concentration fine.

Roses are used in many cuisines around the world. From the past to present, they have been used as a symbol of love, beauty and friendship. Rishta Mishti is a splash of rose water used for cooking and other culinary purposes. Aromatic and fragrant, this natural rose water has endless benefits for your health and body. Mix with buttermilk, yogurt or even sugar syrup to enhance the taste of your favourite desserts.

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