Genuine and Unbiased News in Marathi Language

Recently, a completely new news platform was created a few months ago. It is a Marathi News Portal where users may read news stories written in Marathi. This is very important for Maharashtra residents. Some of them can only read in Marathi.

The Marathi News Portal’s Background

GNP Marathi Times is the name of this fresh news publishing portal. The aim of this portal is to publish unbiased News in the Marathi Language. This website was founded by two famous Thane, Maharashtra residents. Pushkaraj Gharat Umesh Daki is their name.

These two persons are journalists with years of experience. They gather all types of news bulletins on the spot by themselves. They then finish their editing work and publish the news report as is at the end of the day.

Why is it important to have news in Marathi?

Everyone is aware that there are several English and Hindi news portals available for reading and receiving daily updates. These websites provide access to the most recent news. But, why has news in Marathi suddenly become so important?

Maharashtra’s native tongue

Maharashtra’s native language is Marathi. More than 73 percent of the population in this state speak it as their primary language. Marathi is spoken by around 83 million people in India. After Hindi and Bengali, Marathi is India’s third most spoken language. As a result, the significance of this language is enormous.

For those millions of Marathi-speaking individuals, having a separate platform for Marathi news was critical. There are, however, some networks that broadcast news in this language as well. However, they aren’t entirely committed to the language. As a result, a dedicated news page for the Marathi language has always been essential.

For all Marathi people in India

If you look closely, you will discover that Marathi people are not just found in Maharashtra, but also throughout India. A career, a business, education, and a variety of other factors might all be factors. For the reasons stated, we may find Maratha people all over the world.

These folks rely heavily on Marathi news websites and portals. When you are reading anything in your native tongue in a foreign country, it is a distinct experience. It provides some solace to individuals who are missing their own country and loved ones. Reading news and updates written in Marathi provides some solace to these folks.

This fresh new news platform allows Marathi individuals living overseas to access Maharashtra’s local news. People who live in other countries like receiving news and updates from their home countries. It’s fantastic for these individuals to have a local Marathi news portal like GNP Marathi Times to read regional news.

The Majority of news portals are Biased

Most news sites are biased; some are pro-government, while others are anti-government; some are left-wing, while others are right-wing. As a result, these portals would publish reports based on their preferences and comfort. They will never be able to release the original reports.

Unbiased and Authentic News Source

People are not obligated to accept someone’s own ideas with this Marathi News publishing website. It’s a site where you can read and enjoy impartial and true news. Editors and publishers are unconcerned with their own viewpoints. After reading the real findings, they allow readers to form their own conclusions.

Why Unbiased News is Important?

Journalists must deliver the facts regardless of whether they like or agree with them in order to preserve impartiality. Regardless of the writer’s own thoughts or opinions, objective reporting is supposed to depict topics and occurrences in a neutral and unbiased manner.

The desire for fair information and accurate updates from the media considerably outweighs the demand for the interesting and perhaps questionable tales found in the tabloids during times of crisis and emerging news.

It is a necessary condition for democracy to work properly. It aids in the discovery of errors and omissions, as well as the correction of dysfunctional behaviors and patterns in a way that benefits the entire. Credible journalism is fighting for survival in the age of false news.


GNP In a short period of time, Marathi Times has garnered tremendous recognition among the general public. It’s because the genuine news stories aren’t spiced up or colored in any way. These are the primary reasons for the rapid growth of our fresh new Marathi news page.

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