Deploying Virtual Environments for Digital Businesses

The ‘work from anywhere’ is no more a myth for businesses

With the diverse change in the working environment, workplaces become more dynamic with distinct team members. Virtualisation platforms provide the elastic environment required to allow modern organisations to scale on-demand.

With Server Consultancy Virtual Assistance services, you can easily deploy Azure Virtual Desktop at the click of a button and deliver the same secure office environments to remote workers.

From 1 Week to 1 Hour in 1 Click

Being a Microsoft Partner, we can quickly provide a secure and seamless remote work environment to employees, partners, and customers wherever required.

Server Consultancy’s Click to Run is specifically designed to reduce implementation time to minutes, which is now available in two formats:

Azure Virtual Desktop Click to Run™ Solution

  • Reduce Complexity – Allows you to customise the scope and extent of the environment
  • Seamless Experience – Provide enhanced virtual desktops for the line of business applications
  • Digital Transformation – Modernise desktops while refining the employee experience
  • Business Outcomes – Simplify management, reduce IT costs and provide greater agility

Managed Azure Virtual Desktop Click to Run™ Solution

  • Quick Deployments – Reduce delivery times from days to hours in virtual deployments
  • Completely Managed – Managing the infrastructure entirely from implementation to onboarding monitoring
  • Proactive Management – Get 24×7 email, phone and chat support from technical experts 
  • Professional Services – Consultations and evaluations to ensure a seamless migration

Accelerate your Practice in Partnership with Server Consultancy

The Desktop-as-a-service market is growing at a CAGR of 16.9%, which is projected to reach 12 billion value 2027. The estimated annual partner opportunity is more than €60,000 per SMB customer with 100 employees. Server Consultancy can help you accomplish a first-mover advantage to capture this opportunity and accelerate your practice.

Our Click to Run™ is the quickest and easiest way to deploy Azure Virtual Desktop to your customers while enabling you to reduce cost and complexity without compromising quality:

  • Pre-configured environments based on your specifications to meet each customer’s requirements
  • Customised user interface that provides flexible sizing options while supporting both traditional domains and Azure Active Directory Domain Services domains
  • Offers a pre-subscribed Azure subscription and virtual network to seamlessly incorporate with Azure Active Directory Domain Services for authentication to ensure secure access from any browser

If you’re still unsure how we can help you deploy virtual environments, you can always get in touch with our experts. Besides, we provide access to certified professionals via our Centres of Excellence with in-depth technical resources for each Click to Run solution. We even offer training and support to help you extend and configure your virtual environments.

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