What are some tips for time management between the Prelims crash course and the Mains?

A lot of the important time that can be used to study is spent during the time between Prelims as well as Mains. Here’s how you can prevent it:

  1. End the prediction cut-off game following Prelims. This isn’t helpful for anyone. A lot of people lose more than a month preparing this scenario, only to have to work hard to get momentum in time for Mains If they pass  Prelims crash course .
  2. Don’t devote excessive space to World History after Prelims. This section of the Mains syllabus is typically not covered prior to Prelims. Therefore, aspirants often take on too much World History preparation later on. This isn’t necessary. In the ideal scenario, no more than 3-4 questions could be asked in this section.
  3. In the 10 to 15 days following Prelims which a majority of us spend time pondering our thoughts it is a good idea to go through YouTube videos on GS 4- Ethics.  It will help ensure that you don’t bore yourself with lengthy Main’s research, but use your time for efficient use.
  4. Language test is not to be viewed as a problem. I would advise candidates to take it off for the last 15-20 days before the Mains. In the present, you must just 75 percent of the 300 marks to pass the exam. In addition, if you are able to handle understanding and translating aspects efficiently will get you through. Therefore, don’t waste your time every day to study for this exam. You should finish your previous 5 years’ papers with some grammar basics and writing exercises within the last two weeks before the test.
  5. If not, you should avoid taking part in the numerous crash courses and other special training courses that coaching institutes develop following Prelims. The three months in between Prelims as well as Mains is about making yourself’. It is possible only when you put in quality time with self-study making notes and revising as well as other things. Coaching institutes’ new inputs are not needed at this time.

Between prelims and mains is the most critical part during your exam preparation. How successful you are or not, or if you’ll get the desired services is entirely dependent on your ability to manage this particular time. It is a fact that I can’t stress enough!

Well, it could be a perception, but it is not like that and not even entirely true. UPSC Syllabus is designed in such a way that it is relevant in any public service for Prelims crash course .

It may possible that you may came across the with the case studies which are more IAS centric but for this the reason is,” if a person has high administrative skill, he can do any work and manage the whole team better and pursue them to do better.” So, testing High administrative skill already test the skill of lower managerial skill.

To help you manage your time better between the mains and prelims it is essential to make sure that you’ve covered all static topics and current events that are related to GS and optional from the perspective of mains ahead of time, i.e., that is. 3 months prior to the exam time. Additionally, you must have reviewed these subjects at least twice prior to your prelims!

A few tips to better time management in the prelims and mains include:

  1. We’re cut out of all the social media, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram. Change to a less than smart phone!
  2. Begin your preparation for the mains 3 days after the prelims, don’t be patient waiting for the results to be announced. Be prepared, even if you are convinced that you’ll not get through! This effort won’t be wasted!
  3. Create a timetable and make sure you stay on it!
  4. Keep telling your mind it’s a do or die scenario. It’s either now, or it will be forever!
  5. It is not the time to start reading new books. Try to limit your new books whenever you can except for current affairs and also REVISE, REVISE, and REVISE!
  6. Create at least 30 mock tests in GS as well as 12 test questions to test your other subjects for essay writing Keep in mind that, when it comes to the level of knowledge, students who pass mains or fail it are equal in terms of knowing. The most important thing is whether they can do it in 3 hours every day. The only way I’ve found to know how one can achieve this is to test mock after mock in a situation that simulate exams! (I would write two mocks every day for five consecutive days to mimic exam-like circumstances)
  7. Eat a healthy diet- the period between prelims and mains is physically emotionally and mentally taxing. Make sure that your body can handle it. Do not be concerned about the weight that you gain during this time. It will all go away when you reach LBSNAA:). Healthy eating will ensure you won’t be wasting time getting sick!
  8. Do not spend time contemplating low marks on mock tests. Make a note of your mistakes and make them as quick as you can.

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