Vintage fashion Trends of The Season

Fashion keeps on changing generation after generation. But with change also comes reinvention. If you scroll fashion pages today, a huge section of that is dedicated towards vintage dresses, vintage shoes and accessories.

Now be it the awareness of sustainability among people or a general likeness about fashion from the past, vintage fashion is really stealing attention.

Fashion is everything creative and glamorous. Fashion trends can be easily recreated with some modern twists. The best part about vintage-inspired fashion is that it can be recreated with things you already have. You can buy some things online like a 50s swing skirt from Banned Retro and style it differently for different occasions. For instance, you can pair up a nice puffy sleeve lace top with the swing skirt, add a nice retro scarf and sunglasses. It’s a perfect look for a brunch.

For a more formal look, go with a buttoned-up shirt and nice pair of heels. Finish the look with a ponytail and you are ready for the office!

Besides, there is a thrill of hunting vintage shoes and dresses which attracts all generations. People assume that putting together a vintage-inspired look is very difficult. But that is not true at all.

Everyone has their own interpretations of vintage style and that’s why they are such fun. Simple vintage accessories can also jazz up a dress.

The vintage fashion industry is playing a significant factor in shaping the fashion industry as a whole. And with the additional aspect of bringing sustainability through reusing old clothes, the effect is seen on current fashion designers and high-street brands equally.

There are so many vintage styles that are in trend right now. Scroll down below to find the 7 most popular ones and try to recreate them in your own way!

All the best!

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