Profeco and almost a million users sue AT&T in Mexico for the “operating charge” implemented in 2019

The complaints came by the thousands when, in October 2019, AT&T notified that it would begin to make a new charge of 225 pesos a year to some of its users. The charge for the operating concept would be destined only to users who acquired their equipment in payments and would take effect as of November 1 last.

The complaints have been so many that a class-action lawsuit against AT&T is already underway, which is being backed by the Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office.

In fact, if we rewind to November 2019, it was Profeco that said that the company was not right to apply an annual charge, and invited users to be attentive to what it called “improper charging.” Almost a year later, a gigantic class-action lawsuit with claims of 844,480 users in Mexico landed on October 23 in the second district in civil matters of the first circuit.

The information confirmed by Profeco and taken up by El Financiero details that AT&T is about to be summoned, and immediately afterward it must issue a statement of its interests.

Having contacted AT&T, we have their official position:

The AT&T Mexico contract, approved by Profeco, provides for an operating charge derived from the payment facilities granted to customers who choose to acquire equipment at deferred payments. Once we are notified, we will analyze Profeco’s arguments and answer through the corresponding legal means. At AT&T we reaffirm our respect and commitment to compliance with applicable laws and regulations of the country.

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