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‘In this article, we have shared few alternatives of Shared hosting in Pakistan for web hosting seekers to find out the best web hosting in Pakistan.’

Are you looking to upgrade your new hosting plan, due to contestant downtime of your website? Or do you need a more reliable and qualitative web hosting solution than shared hosting? There are multiple web hosting service plans are available, that will provide you with better space, more control, personalization, and better performance than a shared hosting account. Such hosting features you will get in;

• Dedicated Hosting

• Cloud Hosting

• VPS Server

Newbies start their online journey with a shared hosting account. However, shared hosting plans have limited resources than their high-end competitors. Although shared hosting is not intended to give the site owner that much control over server resources. For example, you will be able to change some things, the base, but you will not have full root access on your server. There are multiple other websites are hosted on the same server, so there is the possibility that your website may affect by security threats.

Most of the time in the shared hosting account you will have a limited choice when it comes to the server operating system. If you are looking for better performance, high-end server resources, and more control over their hosting environment you should buy cloud, VPS, or dedicated hosting.

Dedicated Server Hosting as an Alternatives Choice of Shared Hosting

If you need the fastest hosting account with more storage space or RAM, and full control of your web hosting environment, you can choose a dedicated server. As its name suggested dedicated server hosting, you will get a physical server that is used to host a single website. All server resources can only be used by your website, which helps to provide your site visitors with extremely fast and reliable website services.

You will get full control of installed software but you will have few limitations on what you can run on your server. For example, shared hosting plans are not well equipped to cater to specific applications written in particular languages. Dedicated web hosting is incredibly reliable, fast, and secure to get high-end hosting services.

In a dedicated server, you have particular credentials, such as; IP addresses, so it is less likely to fall victim to attacks. In dedicated server hosting, you will get top-notch performance and full control over your hosting server.

Cloud Hosting as Alternative’s Choice of Shared Hosting

Cloud hosting is similar to traditional web hosting; it uses the resources of a group of servers to host the website. Although you are drawing resources from multiple servers in cloud hosting still you can quickly scale your hosting environment as your website needed. In cloud hosting, you are having the flexibility to purchase additional resources during peak traffic times to meet your business needs. Cloud hosting will reduce the chances of downtime that you also experienced in the shared hosting accounts as well.

In cloud hosting, you get multiple advantages of a dedicated server like; performance, security, and redundancy but without the exorbitant prices. Cloud hosting is a bit costly than shared hosting and vps hosting in pakistan options. You are limited in resources to customize the hosting environment. In a cloud hosting environment, the host will likely impose more settings on you than if you had a VPS or a dedicated server.

VPS Web Hosting Alternative’s Choice of Shared Hosting

VPS Hosting is similar to a shared hosting plan. When you will buy VPS in Pakistan your web host places multiple sites on a single server. However, in VPS hosting every website host an allotted specific place, hosts use virtualization software to create what they can think of as buckets for each site.

VPS hosts typically are available at multiple speeds, such as SSDs. To have your own server means that you have additional control over the software running in your environment.

In VPS hosting you will also get full root access, allowing you to make important changes to your environment that would not have been allowed with a shared hosting option. If you’re moving out of a shared hosting plan, but don’t like the amount of work involved in maintaining a VPS hosting environment, consider a managed VPS hosting option. With a managed VPS, the web host assists you with some administration tasks.

I hope, this blog post will guide you best possible alternatives of shared hosting plans to resolve all queries of the best web hosting in Pakistan.  We would love to hear your opinion regarding the VPS hosting in Pakistan, dedicated server hosting, or perhaps an experience you’ve had. Let us know below in the comments!

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