What the Groom Should Wear to a Beach Wedding

Although choosing the groom’s attire isn’t as enjoyable as selecting your wedding dress and bridal accessories on the big day, it is still an important decision that requires some preparation. You want your groom to look and feel his best. After all he is also attending his wedding! Don’t let it get you down!

This article will give you all the information you need about groom attire for a beach-themed wedding. It also includes tips and ideas. Let’s start with some basic guidelines to remember when selecting a groom’s attire.

Basic Tips To Choose Groom Wear

The overall theme of your wedding should reflect the groom’s attire. He can wear casual attire if the wedding is on the beach. If you are having a formal event, however, he should wear a suit or tuxedo. It may seem strange that tuxedos don’t work well for a beach wedding. It all depends on how you want your day to feel. Grooms should always go for a linen-made outfit, such as linen drawstring pants and linen shirts, as this stuff helps to keep you cool in a hot weather.

The bride’s wedding dress should match your groom’s. Although you won’t be able to show your groom your wedding gown before the big day arrives, you can coordinate your style with his. You don’t want your bride wearing khakis and a linen shirt if you have a ballgown that is luxurious and lavish. A more formal look is better. What if your wedding dress is simple? The groom’s dress can also be simple in this case.

You want it to fit perfectly. If the suit doesn’t fit properly, even the most expensive suits won’t look great. Make sure your groom has a perfect fit.

Remember to consider the weather when dressing your groom

He will likely melt in a dark suit or heavy material like wool or tweed. On the beach, lighter colors and lighter materials like linen and cotton work well. He may also choose to wear a suit for the ceremony and the photo session, and then remove his jacket for the remainder of the evening. You can do what you want!

Beach Wedding Attire Ideas For the Groom

The groom’s dress is often the last step in the wedding planning process. You have probably already chosen your bridal dress, your decor, and your wedding theme. You now need to add your groom.

Below are some of the most popular options, starting with casual attire and progressing to more formal wear.

Casual Groom Wear

Are you ready to embrace the island culture? Do you want to be relaxed on your wedding day? A casual style might be for you.

You only need a plain button-up shirt and some nice slacks to complete this look. Some men even wear shorts to their wedding. This is the best way for you to keep cool during the hot weather.

Because it is lightweight and breathable, linen is a popular choice as a casual fabric. You should steam your linen before you get married, as it can easily wrinkle. Mens linen drawstring pants are very popular.

For a casual look, ties are not necessary. Shoes are also an option. Most grooms wear barefoot. However, he may choose to wear sandals for the ceremony.

Beach Wedding Traditional Groom Dress

This style is ideal for the traditional groom who likes to keep things simple, but still, look good. You will need a suit, tie, and belt. However, light colors are great! This style is easy to put together and can be assembled quickly. The entire ensemble can be rented or sold at most menswear shops.

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