What can happen to my child depending on the poison he takes?

Remember that the accidental ingestion of toxic substances used to effectively eliminate rodents is a very common accident in childhood and, yes, obviously the damage will always be related to the amount ingested and the type of chemical substance. In fact, it is important to know some of the rodenticides that exist in order to also know what each of these can cause:

– Warfarin and Superwarfarin: they are anticoagulant substances, that is, they prevent the production of coagulation factors synthesized at the liver level, producing spontaneous internal bleeding.

– Thallium: it is a rodenticide that is fortunately used less and less and, although its mechanism of action is not well known, it is known that it produces intoxication severe at the cellular level.

– Zinc phosphide: it is a substance that, upon contact with the gastric mucosa, releases highly toxic phosphine gas, affecting the brain, kidneys, heart and liver.

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