What is the significant role of Gowning Room Furniture in the Laboratory?

There is a distinct protocol that should be maintained to keep a clean room environment hygienic and functional. To eliminate the risk of contamination within the workspace, gowning room furniture should be added to every laboratory. While working with hazardous materials, lab workers can use gowning storages to dispose of the materials safely. This enhances the necessity of maintaining a separate section for storing the belongings of the employee and the laboratory equipment as well.

What is a Gowning Room?

Like a clean room, a gowning room is equally essential to keep the laboratory well maintained and hygienic. The workers who deal with toxic chemicals every day must have a separate set of apparel to proceed with the experimentation, keep their personal belongings, store protective equipment, and dispose of toxic chemicals. They also need to clean themselves before and after work.

The user must take extra precautions when dealing with sensitive chemicals or devices. This prevents microbial attack, so it becomes highly essential to choose the perfect gowning room furniture. They can be either electro polished construction which is mounted on the floor, or free-standing.

5 Gowning room furniture that is commonly used

Working in a laboratory means that you need to stand for long hours. So, to sustain the workstation through an easily accessible format, the perfect ergonomic furniture is required. It can amplify the level of comfort and also enhance efficiency.

Various types of gowning room furniture ensure maintenance of safety within the laboratory. But, every piece of furniture is not suitable for every environment. So, go through the list of furniture that is a must for every industry clean lab dealing with a hazardous chemical.

Gowning Rack

These are storage cabinets for keeping garments safely, hand gloves, masks, etc., in an organised fashion. Usually, a gowning rack is made of acrylic or stainless material. The chambers are divided into small parts to include diverse requirements such as PPE kits, shoes, headgear or any kind of suit required during the experimentation. These racks have HEPA filters, rod hangers, dividers and reinforced doors for the lab workers’ convenience.

Gowning Bench

Every material that is used to manufacture gowning room furniture is ISO certified and follow strict protocols. The benches are usually made up of stainless steel and have separate sections to retain sterile conditions. There is a particularly clean and dry zone which add an extra safety guard for the worker.

Shoe racks and cleaners

While experimenting, the user must wear protective gear from head to toe. So, there is separate furniture for storing, particularly the protective shoes. Shoe cleaners are meant for removing any harmful particles before you enter the laboratory. An internal vacuum is created, and all the dust and particulate matter are removed through suction. This ensures that any outside material does not enter the laboratory because it can disrupt the experiment.


Experimenting and finding the result does not end your task. Gowns and gloves should be disposed of that were used during the experiment. The prime duty of a dispenser is to restrict and remove the chances of microbial growth and contamination. Thus, dispensers are an essential part of any laboratory. These are usually made of acrylic or plastic material for easy e transfer and handling. You need to discharge the used materials into the dispenser to retain a safe laboratory environment.

Sink and sanitization unit

Right before entering the laboratory or leaving the laboratory, you need to go through a cleaning procedure. The sink or sanitization unit stores all the hand wash, soap and cleaning material to ensure efficient thinning. This ensures that all the germs are eliminated, and the person does not carry them along to some other place.

What is the purpose of using gowning room furniture?

An industrial worker who is deal with harmful or toxic chemicals can maintain a safety order through gowning furniture in various ways. It is a perfect storage solution that reduces the hassle of losing any experimental tools or gloves.

A laboratory must be protected, and for that, the room must be organised. Every laboratory serves a different purpose, and based on that gowning room furniture can be adjusted. It offers customisation of cabinets, racks and benches. Lastly, a proper safety manual must be followed in a laboratory to maintain the efficiency of work.

Conclusion Gowning room furniture also includes mirrors which help in dressing or while removing the safety apparel. These are usually framed mounts with high-quality glass. Along with that, the list also includes cleaning maths, ladder, locker, etc. So, choose any gowning furniture for the lab, but ensure that they have diverse utilities.

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