Refrigerated Incubators- Things You Need to Know

In a scientific laboratory, different types of equipment are required for research purposes. If it is a chemical laboratory, you need certain elements, while working with microorganisms requires different apparatuses. Based on the specialty of the researcher, a laboratory should be equipped with different items. The refrigerated incubator is one of the certain types of incubators that can be kept inside a cooled environment, preferably a refrigerator.

Such refrigerator is mainly used in food and medical research. Here, we will know more about refrigerated incubators and their importance in researches. Read on to know more.

What Is Refrigerated Incubators?

When researchers work with microorganisms, they need a certain environment where microorganisms can be multiplied within a certain environment. Those must go through the incubation phase and refrigerated or cooled incubators are required for the purpose.

Basically, refrigerated incubators are designed to maintain a certain range of temperature that is required for the researches. Mainly forced air circulation is used inside the incubator to maintain the temperature and it is always kept within the range of -50°C to -65°C. Refrigerated incubators or cooled incubators are used for various research purposes. Some of those are-

  • Microbiological sample testing
  • Hematological testing
  • Curing
  • Bacteria research
  • Coliform determinations
  • Studies of enzyme digestion
  • Tissue culturing
  • Studies of crystallization
  • Procedures of drying and staining
  • Histochemical procedures
  • Water pollution testing
  • Shelf-life testing

The usage of refrigerated incubators is extensive and researchers can use it for various purposes to fulfill the researches.

What Are the Essential Features of a Refrigerated Incubator?

So, it is clear what a refrigerated incubator is and how it can be used differently in researches. Here are some of the extensive features of refrigerated incubators that you need to know-

  • There is timer that can be started and stopped as per date, hour, and minute
  • Forced air cooling incubation is possible in such type of incubator
  • There is also internal illumination for better researches
  • There is Ethernet connection that can use online platforms to export and view cycles, mage the equipments, and generate reports

What Are the Intended Field to Use Refrigerated Incubators?

Refrigerated incubators are used in-

  • Analyzing water
  • Assaying enzymes
  • Determining Biochemical Oxygen Demand
  • Culturing cells and bacteria in low temperature
  • Aging
  • Manufacturing cosmetics
  • Study of Botanic
  • Storing samples

Different Types of Refrigerated Incubator

There are mainly two types of refrigerated incubators are available. Based on your requirements, you can buy any one of those. Here we have discussed the types of refrigerated incubators. Have a look-

Refrigerated Incubators with Compressor Technology

There are certain types of refrigerated incubators where the temperature is maintained constantly by using compression inside the device. It is the convection technology that maintains the stable and constant environment inside the incubator. Usually, the compressor, used in such types of refrigerated incubators, can maintain the temperature within -5°C to 100 °C. This range is perfect for the reproduction of microorganisms inside the incubator.

Refrigerated Incubators with Thermoelectric Cooling

If you are looking for an energy-efficient cooling incubator, this type is the one you need. As thermoelectric cooling allows cooling output at very small doses, the power consumption is quite low in this appliance. The inner chamber is insulated and the convection, used here, is adjustable. Thus, the temperature is kept stable inside the device.

So, here you get to know about refrigerated incubators and its usage. Also, you know the types and other details. In the bigger laboratories, especially where researchers work with microorganisms, refrigerated incubators are mainly used.

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