What Makes Persian Cats So Expensive?

Now that you want to bring a sweet little kitten to your home, you must be thinking of the Persians. Well, no wonder that Persians are one of the most demanding cat breeds in India with price. There are a lot of reasons that add to its demands but this also results in increasing the price of the Persian cats. This also results in making the owner think twice before buying a Persian cat. 

Well, no wonder that this particular breed has endless numbers of benefits. This is one of the most common breeds that have luxurious coats, gentle temperament and a different rounded face. However, not everywhere these breeds are available at the same price structure. This is because it depends on a lot of other factors that stimulate the growth of its price. 

From the location to the gender, everything is taken into consideration when it comes to the price of the Persian cats. 

Locations: you must know that the Persian cat price depends a lot on the place that you choose to buy. Compared to the urban cities, where the number of demands are way more than the rural areas have more price than the rural areas. Since people in the urban areas love to have a companion at their place and nothing like Persian cat breeds can be a great companion, the demand tends to be more in cities. 

As we all know that when the demands are higher, the price will be higher too. Therefore you have to keep; in mind about the locations and keep the expectations accordingly. 

Gender: Just like any other breed, gender is one of the factors that adds to the price. Since females have the ability to give birth to babies, they are comparatively on the pricier side than the males. However, if the breeder has already spayed the cat, the difference is not ,uch to be noticed. So, if you just want a companion, you can choose any, unlike you are planning to become a part of this business. 

Type: Even when you are buying the Persian cat breed, you must know that there are variations of this breed. You can find two different types of Persian cats and no doubt both are a lot different. You can get doll faced and show faced persian cats. 

  • Show face gave rge squished nose on a flat face with big eyes and small ears
  • Doll face have the rounder face with pointed snouts

Show faced persian cats are slightly on the expensive side compared to the dollface. This is because of their rare features and improved demand in the industry. 

Age: No doubt that you will look for a kitten and not any adult for your home. Ince most of the owners have the same need and tendency, they are mostly in search of kittens which make adults less expensive than the kittens. Especially female kittens have a huge demand among the owners as everyone would love to watch them grow, play with them while giving birth to babies when they are ready. 

Bottom Line: Persian cats are one of the best and the most gentle of all species. Their facial structure, their amazing looks, their luscious coats makes them among the most demanding choices. So all these days that you are thinking about the reasons for having a higher Persian Cat Price, hopefully you have got an answer now. 

Remember, to choose a reliable breeder who has knowledge of persian cats and being a part for a long time to get a healthy persian cat.

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