How To Avoid Product Returns?

The quality of packaging supplies says a lot about product protection. Packaging makes the first impression, which is important since the market has been highly competitive after the pandemic.

Many e-commerce companies deal with product returns which is a heavy waste. Some products which have dents, scratches, or other damages cannot be resold further. Not only does the packaging supplies like cardboard storage boxes or tapes go to waste, but it affects heavily on the profit margin.

As a retailer, it is your accountability to make sure your products are safely delivered to your customers. Unfortunately, this depends a lot on packaging supplies and techniques. Inconsistent packing can have disastrous results due to product returns, creating an adverse effect on the company.

Once a product is returned, it remains in the warehouse for a lot of time. Then, the processing of the return also takes place. Product replacement, refunding, sorting, customer support, logistics adds additional costs to the production expenses.

There are so many ways proper packaging can help you lessen product return rates.

For instance, use void fillers like foam peanuts or paper, which lets the product sit in the cardboard box properly.

The quality of cardboard storage boxes also comes to play in the case of fragile items. Poor quality cardboard boxes or small bubble wrap rolls and other packaging materials can lead to product damage. Thus, find an experienced company like Packaging Midlands to make your packaging game much better.

Some products like electronic items can get damaged due to road impacts. Use an appropriate amount of bubble wrap rolls as they are meant to prevent shock impacts.

Nowadays, with so much competition in the market, it all depends on brand loyalty. Bad unboxing experiences tend to go on social media, which isn’t something you want.

Want to learn some more helpful tips? Read the infographic below!

cardboard storage boxes

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