Panch Shakti Mudra and Shankh Mudra

Panch Shakti Mudra: Helps to cure Lung related problems.

We use our hands to do many things. Have you ever thought that in addition to working with your hands, it can also provide you with many benefits?

Let us tell you that your body can be kept healthy through your hands and diseases can be removed. The process of making the body healthy by the hands is called yoga mudra or hand yoga mudra.

Like asana, pranayama, and meditation, hand posture is also important in yoga. Panchatattva is revered in the fingers of the hand. Since ancient times, sages and sages lived healthy by using hand gestures.

Through hand mudra, not only our physical and mental health remains good, but with the help of these mudras, God or supreme happiness can also be attained. One of the hand mudras is Panch Shakti Mudra, let’s know about it.

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What is Panchshakti Mudra?

The flow of the electric current is different from the five sections of the fingers. For this reason, according to the science of mudra, when the fingers are touched according to yoga, then unbalanced electricity flows.

It reawakens the power of the body and by this, our body becomes free from disease. Its effect starts visibly within a short time of starting the practice of mudras.

The main objective of Panchshakti mudra is to have knowledge of reality from the five great elements water, earth, fire, air, and sky.

Method of Panchshakti Mudra:

  • To do Panchshakti Mudra, first of all, a posture has to be made like Namaskar Jyoti.
  • Make sure that one finger stays away from the other.
  • Because in Panchshakti, fingers and thumb have to be kept at a distance.
  • Panchshakti mudra can be practiced daily.

Benefits of Panchshakti Mudra:

  • Panchshakti mudra is very beneficial in lung-related problems and problems like tuberculosis etc.
  • By practicing it daily, you become disease-free.
  • Practicing Panchshakti Mudra regularly keeps lung-related problems away.
  • By doing this mudra, there is relief in problems like cold, cough, respiratory diseases, excessive cold, joint pain like rheumatic pain, etc.

Shankh Mudra: Effective mudra in making the speech melodious.

The treatment of many complex problems is possible through yoga science. For this reason, many yoga asanas and postures have been told in yoga science. Which is also helpful in removing many types of diseases and keeps the body healthy.

One of these currencies is the conch currency. Many speech defects such as stammering, children’s limping, and hoarseness can be treated by this mudra.

Children and adults can do this mudra very easily with little effort. This mudra is helpful in curing restlessness and excitement. Shankh mudra is helpful in removing the burning sensation of the body and body parts.

By doing this, diseases of the intestines and pelvis are cured. It is beneficial in muscle paralysis. For this, know how to do Shankh Mudra and what are its other benefits.

How to do Shankh Mudra:

  • First of all, you sit on the yoga mat, and then to do this mudra, close the thumb of the left hand by making fists of both hands.
  • After this, join the index finger of the left hand with the thumb of the right hand.
  • In this way a currency like a conch is formed.
  • In this mudra, slight pressure is given on the closed fingers of the right hand by placing them near the remaining three fingers of the left hand.
  • Similarly, by changing the hand, that is, by closing the thumb of the right hand in the fist of the left hand, conch mudra is made.

Benefits of Shankh Mudra:

  • Conch mudra is related to the navel chakra, due to which there is a lot of effect on the nervous system of the body.
  • By doing Shankh Mudra, the melody and quality of voice increase.
  • For those people who do music meditation, the voice of those people is melodious.
  • Along with this, it also removes throat problems.
  • By doing this regularly, the work of the nerves and the digestive system starts happening smoothly.
  • Shankh Mudra in particular controls pitta (allergic disorders).
  • The nervous system and digestive system are strengthened by this mudra.
  • Doing Shankh Mudra regularly helps in increasing appetite.


  • Shankh Mudra can be done at any time.
  • Shankh Mudra can be practiced daily for 10 to 15 minutes thrice a day.
  • People who have problems with Kapha and Vata etc., should not do this mudra for a long time.
  • Shankh Mudra can be practiced for more than 30 minutes if a person has allergies or chronic fever.

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