Big spring cleaning in the living room

All the dust and dirt in the living room… doing household chores is a real chore. Read here a handy step-by-step plan for a clean living room.

Take the bull by the horns – or the to-do list – and identify your problem zones. Once you’ve done this, it doesn’t seem all that bad. Of course, also make sure you know how to tackle other problem areas, such as the bathroom and especially the kitchen. Fancy more shows you some techniques with which you can have the living room under control again

Housekeeping is not always fun, but we all know that sometimes it is really necessary. We remove everything from the living room that does not belong there and put it in a temporary place such as another room or the hallway. Without all that junk that gets in the way, dusting, vacuuming, and scrubbing the furniture or floors becomes a lot easier. After we have completely cleaned the room of dust, dirt, and stains, we sort everything that is in the temporary place. We keep what we need and throw the rest away. Related article about living room sets

We all have a tendency to store too much paper, leaving piles of newspapers, magazines, mail, and bills scattered around the house. Here’s how we deal with it:

• We decide what’s important to keep and throw the rest away. We shred old bills or receipts. We classify important papers.

• Documents can be scanned to take up less digital space. We store folders on the computer, on a disk or in the cloud. Nowadays we can also receive many invoices digitally and store them via online banking.

Bursting bookcases. Books can create clutter. They take up a lot of space and are magnets for dust, which we notice in the household. To tame the bookcase:

• We keep the books we love and that are about our interests.

• Also keep track of the art books and valuable hardcover editions.

• Paperbacks are allowed to go, as are books that are no longer in reasonable condition.

• Books can be donated to thrift stores or sold at a flea market.

Trinkets, Artwork, and Memorabilia. People cling to the strangest things because they fear that if they throw the object away, the memory it represents will also be gone. That is why a lot of things are left behind with the household. If the house is packed with trinkets that fall under this heading, it’s good to follow these tips:

• If the object doesn’t evoke a happy memory: throw it away!

• The condition of the object: if it falls apart, it does not have to take up space on the fireplace. But if the memory has to stay alive, we can take a photo, one can always look at it and reminisce about the good times for which it symbolizes.

Forward with storage boxes 

. We use storage boxes to keep things in place and prevent them from swinging around the house. Here’s how we do it:

• Baskets and chests are great for organizing toys, newspapers, and mail. We can keep them under tables and on shelves.

• Hooks and coat racks by the front door keep coats and sweaters in check so they don’t end up on chairs.

• We place a bowl or basket on a table near the door for keys and mail. If there is paper in the basket, we have to go through it every week so that large piles do not form.

We use spring to make time for housework, but also to lighten and refresh the house thanks to well-organized spring cleaning. With a few simple techniques we keep our stuff organized and next year it will be all the easier.

Now that the living room has been cleaned up nicely, we are ready to tackle the rest of your house .

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