5 Important Questions to Ask Your SEO Company Before Deciding to Use an SEO Service

1.            Does your SEO company understand your SEO goals?

2.            How does the SEO agency of your choice choose keywords for your website?

3.            What methods does your SEO company use to do SEO?

4.            What methods does your SEO company use to build links?

5.            Do you use SEO services for content creation as well?

Whether you are a business owner with a website seo birmingham and want to rank on the first page of Google or you are a Digital Marketing Director of a large company looking for an SEO Agency to outsource SEO work to control company costs and To reach a team with specific SEO expertise, the key question is: So which SEO company should you choose?When searching Google for the keywords “SEO Company”, “SEO Services” or “SEO Services”, you will find that there are many Digital Marketing companies in Thailand that offer SEO services. Starting from the beginning of the thousands until the end of the tens of thousands But even with so many options Choosing the Right SEO Service at a Reasonable Price Including getting good quality service that meets the heart is not easy.Hence the origin of this article. For readers, there is no time to study SEO to try and follow. Or readers who are business owners who are looking for a professional SEO service that will help you in all matters of SEO. Fon has compiled 10 important questions that you must try to ask the SEO agency that you are looking forward to. Fon believes that the answers given by asking these questions will help you decide which company you would like to work with more easily.

1. Does your SEO company understand your SEO goals?

An SEO company that really cares about you should take the time to understand your business before starting any SEO campaign. The agency should ask clients about their broad business goals. to specific customer online marketing goals The agency then helps clients analyze how SEO can play a role and help them achieve their marketing goals. A good SEO company doesn’t just care about keyword rankings and the number of users that visit your website. but will also care that the users who come in How many converts are your customers by looking at your conversion rate so you know how much your ROI from your SEO campaign is worth? Because not every business model is not suitable for SEO.

2. How does the SEO agency of your choice choose keywords for your website?

Choosing a set of keywords to get you ranked birmingham based seo firm on the first page of Google is one of the most important steps in SEO. I had to come and see what kind of product. Or what services can be used as a protagonist before friends? Then try to analyze how your website ranks. How many competitors are there? How difficult is it to climb the rankings?may depend on the situation But in this case, climbing the rankings can be difficult. A good SEO company should advise you to select Target Long-Tailed Keywords first so that you have a better chance of getting ranked through well-targeted keyword pools. Smaller first, then gradually shift to focus on more difficult groups accordingly.

3. What methods does your SEO company use to do SEO?

Good SEO starts with a Technical Onsite Audit to see if the key parts of your website are in good standing, such as your website structure, URLs structure, robots.txt file settings, meta data writing, and HTML tags. etc. Customers may not need to understand all the steps mentioned above. But the trick is to ask the agency you’re dealing with if they’ve done a Technical Onsite Audit first, because good SEO doesn’t just depend on building backlinks. should come later or maybe gradually You can do it in parallel with the Onsite Audit. The important point is to balance both parts well.

4. What methods does your SEO company use to build links?

Backlinks are one of the key factors affecting website ranking in Google. Acquiring backlinks to a client’s website can be done using a number of methods. Some SEO Agency may use Black Hat SEO techniques to generate backlinks. Give your website such as using automatic backlinks generating program, creating backlinks from Spam Comments, etc. This is definitely a bad link building for your website.It is important to build good quality backlinks. It takes time For some links the agency may take up to 1-3 months to get links from a good quality website. come back to your website So I have to remind myself that ranking fast is not a good thing. Because if the method of obtaining a link is a black belt method, then It’s definitely not safe for the website. Slow but sure is better.

5. Do you use SEO services for content creation as well?

Content is another important factor ppc services birmingham in SEO today. Creating content that is useful and meets the needs. Or answering questions to customers is important. Some SEO companies will also include content creation services on your website. while some companies separate content into content marketing services.Therefore, when choosing an SEO service, you should ask about the service in the content section, whether it is included in the SEO package or not, and what type of content the agency will create for you. You may be able to request a sample of Content at that SEO Agency. have ever done


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