What Is The Common Addictive Link?

All Addictions, regardless of the subtype (pleasure, and or pain), share several common elements. Most fundamentally, they involve “dancing with death.” Addictive activities cause pleasure, terror, hurt, thrill, and distract their users. The addiction puts users on a “passive” road toward suicide. Addicts believe, if they overdose on their addiction, they will die, and all of their problems will die with them. This type of mindset relieves users of responsibility for their lives. Subconsciously, the addicts commonly say to themselves, “I am going to commit suicide anyway, so why does it matter? I can do anything I want to do.” This formed belief gives individuals a false sense of absolute freedom from the control of others and from the control of society. It also enables them to hide an ugly truth from themselves: they have no control over their own lives; they are pathetic slaves to their own addictions. If this sounds harsh, it is. 

Addiction also allows people to punish those whom they feel wronged. This is the most fundamental, often unconscious, motive of addicts caught in the Borderline Zone: Revenge! Revenge against those who hurt them. Revenge against their birth, and against their life. Revenge acted out through self-inflicted pain in order to hurt individuals who have hurt them.

In conclusion, all addictive activities temporarily relieve the users of their mental agony. Regardless of the form, their mental agony takes– traumatic memories depression, despair, borderline personality disorder, anxiety, emptiness, loneliness, self-hatred feelings of unreality, feeling overwhelmed, feeling numb, reenacting the abuse of their childhood, intense anger, or a desperate need to take back control from “them.” The addictive activities produce relief, temporary relief from private forms of mental agony only the user endures. 

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