How To Style A Three-Piece Suit

A three-piece suit may not be something you wear daily, but it is an important piece and investment in your wardrobe. In most cases, stepping out in a tailor-made suit speaks style. It leaves you looking smart while staying trendy, so if you want to upgrade your suiting game, a three-piece suit is the right fit.  

With the right fit, styling and colour, you can leave your house looking outstanding and feeling confident in your three-piece suit.  

What is a three-piece suit?

A three-piece suit consists of a three-piece – the waistcoat, jacket and trousers. This makes a more sophisticated alternative to the standard two-piece suit. You may decide to opt for a three-piece suit with a waistcoat that matches or contrasts other pieces. Regardless of how you style your three-piece suit, it is best to ensure its fits you perfectly.

This means you need a well-tailored suit with a waistcoat that perfectly fits your body with enough room for the jacket to button over the top. The waistcoat also needs to cover your trouser waistband without being too far below the band.

The three-piece suit dress code

  • Formal

Three-piece suits often give a sophisticated appearance, so they are usually worn at formal events. To wear your three-piece suit to a formal event like a wedding, ensure you opt for a classic-coloured suit that fits perfectly.

A black coloured three-piece suit is usually a smart choice, especially if it is an evening event but navy and grey-coloured suits are suitable for daytime occasions. You can make your three-piece suit more stylish for a formal event by wearing a smart dress shirt and a bow tie or sleek tie.

  • Semi-formal

Although wearing your three-piece suit may appear extra for a casual office setting, you can wear it to a semi-formal event. You can tone down sophistication with a three-piece suit by avoiding bold colours or pairing it with loud accessories. Instead, opt for a suit with navy or grey colour, then use a white or pale blue shirt. A patterned tie and matching shoes would do the trick for a semi-formal event.

Three-piece  suit colours

  • Navy-coloured three-piece suit

If you want to get your first three-piece suit, a navy-coloured one is a perfect option. Navy is a classic and versatile suit colour, and it looks smart, clean and flattering on most skin tones. A plain navy design is preferable for business and formal functions. You can also opt for something creative, like a bold checked or contrasted striped navy suit.

A white dress shirt and burgundy tie are perfect styling options for navy suits paired with monk strap shoes.  

  • Blue three-piece suit

Three-piece suits in blue hues speak fun and can add a touch of freshness to your style. However, ensure you choose a shade that suits your need. Light and washed-out blue hues are perfect for daytime events during warmer months, while a dark blue shade such as midnight blue better suits evening events.

Blue suits are a contemporary style, but you can have a more relaxed look by wearing smart shoes like loafers and consider leaving out the tie and using a pocket square to have a casual but luxurious look.

  • White three-piece suit

White is a bold colour, so wearing a white three-piece suit makes you stand out, and it is usually a stylish choice. It takes a lot of confidence to pull off wearing a white three-piece suit, but you can give it a try.

To avoid looking bland in a white three-piece, you can rock a patterned tie, light blue shirt and brown shoes, or use a contrasting waistcoat, then keep the outfit simple.  

  • Black three-piece suit  

Dark coloured three-piece suits usually give a sophisticated look and style, and a black three-piece makes you elegant and polished. This makes black three-piece suits perfect for formal events.

A black suit in your wardrobe will come in handy for charity dinners, weddings and award nights. If you opt for a black suit, avoid accessories with loud colours and ensure the waistcoat matches the suit to have a coordinated and smart look.

  • Grey three-piece suit

An important consideration when opting for a grey coloured suit is its tone. Grey suits have different hues, which makes finding the right shade important. After selecting a shade, you also need to choose either a patterned or solid design. 

Although plain grey three-piece suits are all-season attire, getting a suit with a subtle pattern can tone up your look. However, ensure your outfit is intense by opting for accessories with neutral shades.  

A white dress shirt may suit a formal event, while a blue or pink coloured dress shirt with a grey three-piece is suitable for casual events. A grey three-piece paired with brown shoes gives a casual and elegant look, while black shoes make it more formal.  

  • Brown three-piece  suit

You can have a more stylish and modern look with a brown three-piece suit. For a while, brown suits have become common on the runway and street fashion. A light brown three-piece worn with a white shirt, blue tie and dark brown loafers or shoes can give you a cool look.  

How to wear a three-piece  suit

  • Ensure you wear a three-piece suit that fits perfectly and buttons up the jacket over the waistcoat
  • Opt for a simple shirt that won’t compete for attention with the three-piece suit
  • Pair the three-piece with a tie, dress shoes, and pocket square
  • Ensure you wear a classic coloured and well-fitted three-piece suit for formal events
  • If you want to wear a three-piece suit to work, keep the look smart with grey or navy coloured style and business accent like the traditional patterned tie.

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Can I wear a three-piece suit as a two-piece?

Wearing a three-piece suit gives a smarter look than a two-piece suit since it includes a waistcoat. With a three-piece suit, you have multiple outfit options, and you can wear it as a two-piece. You may decide to wear the suit as two-piece without the vest or wear the vest without the suit.

Can I wear a belt with a three-piece suit?

Wearing a belt with a three-piece suit will make the waistcoat bunch up. With a three-piece, the fit is important, so anything that alters its fit will affect your look.

Between a two-piece and three-piece suit, which is better?

The better option usually depends on personal preference, but successfully pulling off a three-piece suit look is a bit harder, and it is more for a formal look. If you want a three-piece, you should ensure it fits perfectly. Use a simple dress shirt and smart accessories.

What is the cost of a three-piece suit?

A three-piece suit gives a more sophisticated look, and it is designed for formal function. To decide on which three-piece suit you need, you have to consider the fabric and its fit, which will affect the cost of the suit.  

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