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Whether it’s during a sporting activity, on the street or just in bed, we all spend time with headphones in our ears. For those who curse when they get tangled in their pocket or who rip them off when leaving their computer in a hurry, bluedio headphones reviews wireless headphones may appear to be the best solution.

Connected headphones enjoy freedom of movement while maintaining more than adequate sound quality. The editorial team presents its guide to help you find your way around the world of wireless headphones.

Different brands are taking advantage of new technologies and the Bluetooth connection to offer several ranges of wireless headphones. No need to get entangled in your cables or even search for your jack. You can now opt for small earbuds that will change your relationship with music. Many brands have conquered the connected headphones market. In the front line we find of course the AirPods of Apple which dominates the sector today. It is for this reason that wireless headphones are all compared with their competitor Apple.

In this comparison we are only talking about “True Wireless” headphones , that is to say they are completely autonomous. They do n’t need a connection between the two headphones . They are the prettiest aesthetically, discreet and above all practical.

How to Choose the Right Wireless Headphones: Comparison

Obviously the price is a decisive factor in choosing wireless headphones. However, other factors must obviously be taken into consideration so as not to be disappointed during use . That’s why we’ve made an effort to compare the battery life, sound quality, design, comfort and ease of use of each pair of wireless headphones. We will also inform you about the type of connection used, smartphone compatibility and various other relevant elements to help you choose the best wireless headphones according to your real needs and the use you want to make of them .

Apple AirPods Pro: Best Wireless Earphones For Apple Fans

Compared to the original AirPods, this new pair of Apple headphones offers better support and, most importantly, active noise reduction . However, with a price of 279 euros, they are still quite expensive. So, those looking for the best value for money will have to scrow a little lower in this comparison.

On the other hand, Apple fans who can afford it will find their account with this model specifically designed for the ecosystem of the Apple brand . In fact, if AirPods Pro are compatible with Android, you will have to connect them to iOS to take advantage of all their features.

On top of that, the sound is great and the noise reduction technology is effective. In addition, a Transparency mode allows you not to completely disconnect from your environment.

Better, Apple announced that its AirPods Pro wireless headphones now offer spatialized sound and are compatible with Dolby Atmos  bluedio headphones reviews. Finally, each pair can automatically switch between the user’s different Apple devices, depending on what they are listening to. A very good investment therefore if you have the means and if you love Apple.

Apple AirPods: The Benchmark for Wireless Headphones

Two brands have helped develop the wireless headphones market, Apple and Samsung . Today the leader in this field is Apple with the famous AirPods. They take the design of the wired version by integrating inside a battery as well as a Bluetooth transmitter / receiver . Apple’s main advantage is to have created an ultra simple device to pair with its iPhone, Mac, iWatch or iPad. No manipulation to make the headphones connect almost on their own. The Apple wireless earphone pairs very easily.

Autonomy is also above average with its estimated 5 hours . Like any Apple product, the design is successful with its case that allows them to be recharged . In general, AirPods are very discreet and remain very comfortable even over a long period (limited to 5 hours of course). The case is composed of a battery capable of holding the headphones for up to 24 hours in total.

Beats PowerBeats Pro: the Best bass for Punchy Sound

To appeal to consumers, PowerBeats combine the functionality of Apple’s AirPods with richer sound . This Pro edition is no exception to the rule. And unlike Steve Jobs-stamped wireless headphones, the Beats offer better battery life.

In addition, they fall from their ears less often, making them ideal for playing sports . The only downside to these Power Beats Pro is that the charging case is much too bulky. But to take advantage of all its advantages, this is a very small concession.

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