Lenovo ThinkPad Twist Review: a Good Tool for Businesses

A small red button in the center of an all-black computer: that’s the hallmark of the ThinkPad.

The computer, first manufactured by IBM and then bought by the Chinese Lenovo in For the occasion, Lenovo launched a limited edition lenovo thinkpad edge e550 review inspired by the first features of the computer, imagined to look like a bento box.

With advanced technical characteristics and a price of nearly 2,000 euros, Lenovo wanted to mark this anniversary date, as It must be said that with nearly 130 million units sold, the ThinkPad has taken Lenovo to another dimension, d ‘a Chinese company unknown to world number 2.

Lenovo Thinkpad edge e550 Review

The Lenovo ThinkPad Twist is the latest in a long line of laptops designed for Windows 8. But with its hybrid concept, it stands out a bit from the competition. It is in fact a hybrid ultrabook or a new generation Tablet PC. Remaining very faithful to the original ThinkPad design: sober and professional with its characteristic matte black.

Like other ultrabook hybrid tablets, the Twist has a unique way of transforming into a tablet and then back into a laptop. The 12.5-inch diagonal touch screen has a sturdy swivel joint. The screen can be rotated 180 degrees and then folded back to use it as a tablet. This is not really a new concept – we tested products like this over 10 years ago when Microsoft tried unsuccessfully (with HP, Fujitsu Siemens and other manufacturers) to market Tablet PCs – but it is implemented with greater control than before.

Careful Design and Ergonomics

The Twist looks like a less sleek, sexier version of a traditional ThinkPad. Since the takeover of IBM’s micro division in 2006, Lenovo has taken care to maintain the distinctive aesthetic of ThinkPads, including the traditional matte black finish with red accents, although it has been subtly updated in the past. over the years. The screen of the Twist is protected by a back covered with a soft and rubbery material. In the lower left corner, we find the silver Lenovo logo, and in the lower right corner that of the traditional ThinkPad. The latter has a red dot on the “i”, which lights up when the computer is on. The chassis is very simple with a thin silver line that runs all around the PC.

Once opened, the Twist is a bit more loaded. There’s another ThinkPad logo (with another illuminated red dot on it) lenovo thinkpad edge e550 review in the lower right corner of the palm rest, which is made from the same soft, rubbery material as the back of the display. Shiny type, the latter is surrounded by a thick bezel, and a couple of buttons located just below: a Windows 8 key to return to the home screen, and the volume control.

Screen and speakers

The Twist comes with a glossy 12.5-inch IPS touchscreen display offering a resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels. This resolution might look a bit dated on larger screens, but it does belong on the Twist screen. Images and texts are crisp and readable. Overall, the Twist’s screen is successful: it’s bright, at 350 nits (the average brightness of an average laptop screen is between 200 and 250 nits), which means you’ll be able to use it outdoors or in bright situations. This extra brightness is welcome, since the Twist is also supposed to function as a tablet. Which brings us to the touch screen, which works very well. It is responsive and precise, especially when recognizing multi-touch gestures. On the other hand, video playback is hardly at the party either in terms of images or sound which really seem to have been sacrificed on this model for professional purposes. The audio reproduction is also very special on the Twist: the voices seem to come from the keyboard and the sound is completely flat without treble or bass. It is far from ideal for listening to music

Average Performance

For the last part of this test, we will benefit from the results measured by IDG technicians. In the WorldBench 8 test, the ThinkPad Twist struggled to score 47 out of 100. This means that it is 53% slower than the reference model: a PC equipped with a desktop Intel Core i5 chip, with 8 GB of RAM, and an Nvidia graphics card. The Twist score isn’t high – it’s even lower than PCs with the same processor. For example the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga from Lenovo IdeaPad (i5-3317U processor and 4 GB of RAM) 

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