8 Tips for Washing Your Outdoor Window Cleaner Reviews

Over time (good and bad weather for that matter), traces of raindrops, dust, fingerprints, cat’s paws and bird droppings draw unsightly traces on the windows … overcome ? The editorial team gives outdoor window cleaner reviews  you it’s 5 tips and tricks for washing windows properly.

Tip # 1 Pick the Right day to Wash Windows

You have nothing to do today, you realize that your windows are dirty, and suddenly you tell yourself that it is the right time to put on your cleaning gloves and start a ” cleaning operation.”  glass  ”. Well know that in reality, it is not always the right time to clean windows  

And to find out if that’s a good idea or not, take a look at the weather forecast:

If the weather is raining, do not hesitate, and put the washing of the tiles to another day because the raindrops, it is well known, leave traces on the windows! Suddenly, you risk giving yourself trouble … to have to start again tomorrow

If the sun is shining (unlike your tiles by the way): take advantage of the good weather … you still have better things to do than wash the windows, right? In addition, the rapid evaporation of water from the glass tends to leave traces on the tiles. This is the reason why it is not recommended to clean your windows in sunny weather, even if it is a common mistake!

Is the weather cloudy ? So much the better, it’s perfect for you to stick to it (not to the glass, but to washing the windows). Indeed, it is in a “good weather” gray that the operation “clean windows” will be carried out at best, without risk of marks on the tiles

Have the Right Tools to Wash Windows Properly

Do you usually wash your windows with a paper towel roll? Stop: forget the paper towel (not very ecological, nor economical outdoor window cleaner reviews if you use tons of them), and instead prefer

Crumpled Newsprint: It’s often overlooked, but the cleaning effect of printing ink can work wonders of shine on windows. This grandmother’s trick for cleaning windows is also widely used by followers of the D system and smart cleaning. It is also an excellent opportunity to recycle your old newspapers in the household … But beware, the newspaper must be of high quality.

A microfiber cloth (or two, or three depending on the glass surface): the tight fiber composition of the microfiber cloth makes it a perfect tool for cleaning and drying windows. Provided of course that your rags are clean and lint-free

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A squeegee or a squeegee: the favorite tool of professional window cleaners is guaranteed to be peel-free and without (too much) effort. Perfect for removing traces on large  windows  … without feeling like you’re exhausting yourself!

Wash The Windows Well With White Vinegar

To wash windows without leaving any traces (and without harming the planet), your best weapon is white vinegar, a flagship product in ecological and smart cleaning. So grab a bottle of white vinegar that must be in a kitchen cupboard, and don’t hesitate to make some  homemade window cleaner  . Yes: to wash the windows with white vinegar, it’s simple:

Mix cold or lukewarm water (2/3) with white vinegar (1/3) in a small container or better yet, in a spray bottle.

Clean the windows with a clean microfiber cloth (or a squeegee or newspaper) using this mixture.

Leave to dry.

Take a step back and admire the result: your windows are dazzling with shine and flies and spiders are not about to stick to them (the smell of white vinegar makes them flee)

If you don’t have any products or white vinegar, maybe you have washing up liquid! Indeed, dishwashing liquid can clean a lot of surfaces and this is the case for windows! It could not be easier 

  • Pour a few drops of dishwashing liquid into hot water
  • Mix
  • Use a cloth to clean and rinse with water
  • Use a cloth to dry and erase watermarks

And yes, you are not dreaming! Lemon juice and onion have the particularity of giving a shine to your window. It is therefore a good complement to clean your windows.

For brilliantly shining windows, it is not enough to have good will and the right tools: you also have to have the right technique. Indeed, to properly clean dirty tiles, a few good actions are needed:

Start with a dust-hunt: before washing your windows , don’t forget to dust the window frame well. The result will be even more optimal and lasting.

Move from top to bottom: as with dust on furniture, windows are cleaned by moving from top to bottom.

The exterior first: when cleaning your windows, always start with the exterior (generally dirtier than the interior!). This tip will allow you to see your efficiency once inside.

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